Just a Reminder…….

Snapshot_004 2

The stage is set…
Tomorrow  at 11am Pacific Standard Time I will be reading my poetry at Opensim Fest 2022. I’m nervous but excited!!!
As you can see, I have created a dark, cozy set and in virtual worlds, we can choose the time of day, so even at 11am we will all be at midnight:)

The stage is huge, for other big acts, that will follow mine,
over the next 3 weekends.

This festival is a major production and done entirely with talented, dedicated volunteers, working in teams to pull this off seamlessly.

I will be putting up pictures after my participation and the recording, for those who would like to listen, here on my blog.
For those who could possibly tune in and hear it live.. just click this link to go to my radio station. It is offline now, but will be online a few minutes before 11am tomorrow.

Karima’s Stream
Our Motto is: Experience The Chemistry of Community!
Opensim Fest… The creative community experience!

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9 Responses to Just a Reminder…….

  1. daleinnis says:

    So exciting! 🙂

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  2. KK says:

    All the best 👍

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  3. nervousness means you’ll do great.. Is that today or tomorrow?

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  4. marcdbaker says:

    I am with you there in Spirit, Karima ! You just need to keep being you ! That is more than enough! Just let it flow ..you old soul ! One day our paths may cross.
    Always your friend, Marc


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