Nomination for Spillwords Publication of the Month

Hi everyone,
I want to let you know, that I have been included in a list for Spillword’s Publication of the Month, for the Month of November:

Redress by Antonia Wang
Holding Hands by Simona Prilogan
Love Me Like A Luna by Joni Caggiano
Elijah’s Mantle by K John Koshy
Your Treasure by Karima Hoisan
The Ocean by J. Iner Souster
What Pretty Doesn’t Know by Diana Burns
In Flanders Fields I Lost My Love by Andrea Walker
Last Dance by JPK
Dippy Eggs by Verity Mason
Crossing The Rubicon by Andrea Damic
Serenity by Contemporary_9
Scratch by Steve Carr
Ragdoll by Liz
I am extremely thankful to  everyone who “hearted” my poem and to the Editors  at Spillwords for choosing me along with the others mentioned.
As I also chose to do last time,  I personally have decided to not ask for votes.
There are many other great poets on the list and one we all know from our WordPress Community too! Please do vote…just understand I will not be participating.
Thank you all for your understanding and for all your great support of me here
on WordPress for 11 years!!

You have made my blogging journey a very special and delightful experience, full of
friendship and learning and mutual support.
Thank you again for publishing 11 of my poems.
I am eternally grateful to you all and for this honored nomination.

I leave you with a yet unpublished poem of mine from way back in 2003

A+ in Love


When I get it right, it makes me cry…
Tears flow, I like to watch them fall.
The mountains race backwards in the foggy bus window
My shiny face reflecting in the semi-curtained pane

“Who could love like you are asked?””
“Only a fool with a vast expanse of heart.”
“Who could think you would forgive so easily?”
“Only the One who blows apart the pieces.”

I now know how to love the unlovable
I kill some demons with just the touch of warmth.
Embrace the miraculous leper before the bus rolls away,
Then, across an ocean, depression lifts, and a man rises.

Each and every time I get it right, I cry…
So much euphoria and no sadness on my cheeks.
Closer comes the Teacher, tapping me so gently.
“This lesson is now learned. You may close your book”

Karima Hoisan
July, 2003

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27 Responses to Nomination for Spillwords Publication of the Month

  1. I wish you every success!!!

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  2. daleinnis says:

    Congratulations, and a beautiful and appropriate poem!

    I have to admit I’m pretty negative about poetry or other creative “contests” that depend on some kind of popular vote. But I like that you had the honor of being on the nominee list!

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    • Thank you so much Dale and yes in the virtual video world, we saw a lot of them too. It’s fine and it’s an honor to be on Spillword’s list…for which I am very proud and grateful. Thank you again for your good wishes:)

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  3. KK says:

    Congratulations, Karima! All the best 👍👍💐❤️

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  4. Jeff Flesch says:

    How wonderful this poem is; it reminds me of the many lessons we are delivered, and how when open-hearted, we gain a wealth of experiences, which grow our compassion and understanding of human beingness. Lovely poem, Karima. Thank you for sharing it with us, my friend. Happy weekend; and even though you are not participating, which I totally understand, congratulations on the nomination. A beautiful poem! 🤗❤️

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    • Thank you so much Jeff and this poem comes from a moment in my life when I had many crash courses in love and feel I grew a bit in the subject. Your words vibrate very much in me…yes..this is how it is, if we open our inner eyes and ears and realize what these moments are trying to say to us. Thank you for this beautiful comment, that touches on the very heart of my poem. You too Jeff, enjoy a well-deserved weekend and thank you for your best wishes. 🙏🌹❤️

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        You’re most welcome, Karima. Always. Ah, I see; thank you for sharing this with me. It’s always my pleasure. Thank you so much. I’m staring out over the ocean, and enjoying every minute. 🌊❤️🙏

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    • Enjoy every minute of ocean viewing Jeff…it’s the best!!🌊

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  5. MAZAL TOV, Karima!


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  6. Haha glad it wasn’t a problem David:):) ❤️


  7. Jaya Avendel says:

    Congratulations! I will be pleased to vote for you. ❤

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  8. calmkate says:

    wow such a powerful, empowering poem Karima, love it! To learn that lesson to love unconditionally is a huge achievement.

    Best of luck with your Spillwords vote, they have been kindly to most us 🙂

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    • Hi Kate, thank you so much for your words on my poem…It was written many years ago when I was learning those lessons:) Maybe you missed where I said I will not ask for votes…I prefer not to compete with other writers, especially from here.(WP)but thank you very much anyway. 🌹

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  9. Hoyt says:

    All your poetry, always gets all my votes.

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  10. Hon, congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

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  11. Congratulations, Karima!


  12. Amazing! Congrats! You deserve it, Karima!


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