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The Dry Season

                                                   Costa Rica The Cicadas played their siren-song the other day, wailing from the trees like air raid prophecies. Climate change had delayed this anticipated moment… then everyone said, “Ahh now the dry season has finally arrived!” Put away your … Continue reading

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An Illustrious Early Morning Visitor

Good Morning!! Look who came for breakfast yesterday!! A Two-Toed Tree Sloth Climbed in To Say “Hi” Weighing in at about 20 pound, usually staying in the tops of the trees, he climbed down for a quick visit, before he … Continue reading

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On a Short Vacation at the Beach

                                           Tárcoles Costa Rica – Pacific Ocean I’m at the beach on my first vacation in 2 years!!  I will be back soon.. (left last week) I’ll catch up with everyone soon!! Love, Karima

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Down The Pan Am

Down The Pan Am (in memory of my mother) Cruising down the Pan Am highway feeling the freedom she didn’t feel in the land of the free… For she was anti – war, anti – tyrant in her day, a … Continue reading

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Toucan Logic

Toucan Logic “You look like me,” said the Toucan to another Toucan, eating a banana. “Should we fight?” “Why? Because we look like each other?” “No, because there is only one banana.” “The robins do it all the time.” “They … Continue reading

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Switching Places

You taught me to read between your lines right from the start. “It’s not what I do it’s what I say, It’s not what I say, It’s what lies beneath.” I translated you for your family who barely understood your … Continue reading

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Our Next Movie

Our Next Movie For Natascha my film partner If I were a soaring bird. with a true-blue heart, I would fly across the Atlantic Ocean, to Germany…all the way, just to peck on your window and make sure you were … Continue reading

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“Zwischen Nacht und Nirgendwo-Between Night and Nowhere”

Hope you will play the YouTube and here is the story behind it:) This phrase came from a fever dream, my film partner, Natascha, had while very ill and when she told me about it, all the lights of inspiration … Continue reading

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Cowboy Magic

…continuing the theme of Costa Rican cowboys…. an old one from the past                                 “Riders Of The Coyote Moon” by Mark Maggliori Cowboy Magic When they were young and handsome cowboys,riding their spirited horses to the sea;sometimes on full moon … Continue reading

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Thank You To Spillwords Press For Accepting My 2nd Poem, “Coming Up From The Dead,” For Publication

Hi everyone,just want to share with you, that another poem I submitted to Spillwords.com was accepted and published November 29, 2020. I posted this poem just last month here in my blog, “Coming Up From The Dead.” I was not … Continue reading

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