“Flux Capacitor” by Tukso Okey and Menubar Memorial

The brilliance of Tukso Okey and Menubar Memorial  come together in a perfect meld of mad genius. The first, Tukso Okey is a musician who is ” The most bad-ass musician in the 2 known universes” (quote by Menubar) and the second, Menubar Memorial, a gifted artist, inventor, and psychedelic video maker, blend their natural-born- talents in their latest video collaboration “Flux Capacitor” Once again this is what thrills me about SL…and we, the lucky ones got some previews too in Menubar’s awesome and addictive Video Dome. While he was tweaking the final product..we were transported in the groove that only Tukso’s music can put us in and Menubar’s images can spin us in.
I read a lot of “Wows” in chat while we all found the dances that let the music take us where it wanted to. An amazing experience….

Tripping out to Tukso in Menubar's Incredible Video Dome

(left to right) Morgaine Alter, Menubar Memorial, Tukso Okey, and Karima Hoisan..hypnotized and stupified by the impact of the first showing….and here  is the final product below… Enjoy and turn up the sound!!

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