Karima at “Kari’s Kantina del Mar” Friday March 4th 7pmslt

Poetry by Karima Hoisan ~Poster by Menubar Memorial

Friday March 4th at 7pmslt I will be giving my latest Poetry Reading on Stream
at my own venue “Kari’s Kantina del Mar” on Linc Island.
I use  images and music to accompany each poem, and those of you who might see this post and have not yet come to one of my readings, I invite you most warmly to join us and hopefully be pleasantly entertained in a very unique way.
For those who come regularly to my “stream -weaving performances” I have almost all new poetry to share this night and invite you  to come and bring a friend that you think might enjoy it too. I am looking forward to giving this reading and hope you will join me in celebrating the emotive joy of the spoken word. Here is a picture of my venue below.

Kari's Kantina del Mar Linc Island

Just grab this Taxi and I will look for you at 7pmslt- Friday March 4th at “Kari’s”

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