“Wishing To Be Freed”

(please open the music link in a new tab to listen while you read the poem)
As Long As Grasses Grow And Rivers Run~ David Darling

On alien air kisses I hovered passing close to you
beast and angel becoming one inside of me.
That odd orange and green was our night’s color scheme
multicolored moving glows, surrounding our cracked halos.
How familiar it did seem, as if in my last lucid fluid dream,
I remembered how I breathed and each breath took me deeper.
We pump our themes under frightened canopies.
We pump our lives into each other just to catch that extra breath,
because loneliness passes in swimming schools,
and our eyes stay fixed and we choose not to look or move.
Should we trade our passion for smiles,
or let it drift into visions until it pours and floats away?
Like a small remembering, old youth circulates in our sap, our blood our beast.
Whipping it back into form, the colors sadly fading,
we choose to cage it, in tufted bubbles of sobriety.
Sweet dark perception…  savage calling… stay away!
Intent is so much more than the crime
and these eyes can not help but plead guilty
to wishing to be freed.

Karima Hoisan
Parallel Worlds ~ Farscape SL

*note: This amazing build by claudia222 Jewell can be seen here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Farstar%20New%20Earth/105/187/410

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2 Responses to “Wishing To Be Freed”

  1. Once again, Karima, you’ve soared deliciously close to the sun; but you always seem to know how high to fly before the wax begins to melt. As intent is more than the crime, longing is more than freedom in many ways; for, as Dylan sang one rhetorical day, “Are birds free from the chains of the skyway?”. Write on, sistah. 🙂


  2. Thank you Chrome, be my wings of wax or of glorious rebirth..only a few million more flights needed to say :)yes longing is more than freedom and the quote of Dylan is perfect..I too have felt the conical sphere of the atmosphere close in and press down..
    perfect freedom only in “the always awake” the rest of us are tempted and teased by human longing..


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