“Narcisse 11” artist ieko Catnap


(inspired by the painting “Narcisse 11” artist ieko Catnap)

(please enjoy the music while you read the poem)
MulhollandDrive-LoveTheme.Angelo Badalamenti.mp3

In the stilled waters of a liquid mirror,
he found love like a floating swan,
paddling through himself,
the night hanging cloudless above him.
He found love, jealous madness and poetry
and the moonlight shined in stripes
through the bending bars of his glorious prison.

He lost himself completely
in what he knew like his own sighs,
her night blue dream-filled eyes.
They kissed in poems of fuchsia’s passion
rosed now, the waters that covered his face,
his lip bleeding from too much feeling.
He watched her under him trembling,
copying his every expression.
Hours turned back to seconds,
now he was sure, he knew her more
than he knew his own obsession.
He sentenced himself to stay with her
night and day…and there was only her.

Wild words poured into his mind,
Oh! They made him open his mouth
to spill his ecstasy, and he let them
fall upon her off his tongue in single drops.
Her entire body trembled in
widening, spreading circles
until they faded in the shadows to a stop.

Thoughts called in notes of music and he was tempted,
to sail the seas to cool dark places,
rooms inside his mind being decorated,
before he could arrive..and every door he opened
was to invite her in and stay with him.
There was no pulling himself away, how could he?

not tomorrow…not possible today.
The key to love lay in the eyes that blinked back at him.
All the keys to the mysteries were
held inside her shifting beauty,
underneath the moonlight
washed in stripes.
He whispered it out loud now,

“Soul mate, you are in me”

Nights he passed close to her side,
so as not to disturb her silent rest,
even water for his thirst was self- denied.
and hunger became meaningless.
There was only her face
and the longing song

to join him.
Days were pages bound quickly into weeks,
flowers fell from the trees and covered him.
One moonless night he finally cried.
“Soul mate, I am in you”
Then slipping down into the waters
of his liquid mirror,
he closed his love-worn eyes,
surrendered to her peacefully and died.

Karima Hoisan
March 8, 2011
Virtual Gallery Linc Island SL
©2011 all rights reserved

*please see comment on the artist and slurl to see her latest work

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1 Response to Narcissus

  1. ieko Catnap is one of my favorite SL abstract artists. She has inspired numerous poems in me and two of her paintings are in my SL published book “Digital Rabbit Hole” I think she is one of the best artists we have in SL.
    She has a new show now that opened Sunday March 6th, and I recommend going and seeing her wonderful work.The place is pretty amazing too.
    Here is the slurl for her latest show:
    L’Instant Present
    This is her permanent gallery I also recommend you visit:


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