City Terrace

his favorite

"Sitting on his terrace he observes the new born infant emerald city"

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“Her”~ Stan Getz

City Terrace

for David Denton Architect and Artist

Sitting on his terrace he observes the new born infant emerald city,
Blown like glass from his inspired patient breath of giving.
Who might come to sit on awe-upholstered couches lost in thought?
As sunset pales to lightest tear-drop green of high-rise living.
In this fragile, temporal world of molded, bending, glorious light,
Few will hold an invitation to watch an evening fantasy take flight.

There would be no dull lack, nor emptiness on this privileged perch,
Every twisted turn and angle, pulls an eye and tugs a heart to view.
He rests, a humble artist’s servant, to his lucid dreaming fashion,
Of splattered green -ribbed walls, that let the glow shafts through,
And in the final fading hours of sea water, virescent playful light,
He smiles on city terrace, that he blew free, from seed to lofty height.

Karima Hoisan
March 15,2011
PZ Costa Rica RL

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1 Response to City Terrace

  1. David Denton, DB Bailey in Second Life has helped me rediscover my own “awe” of virtual photography in his brilliant collection, all of these were taken by him on his amazing build on his sim Locus.
    Without exaggeration, I have never been so moved by photography as this series is moving me. You can see them all (and there are hundreds) here:


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