Before The UnCreation


earthquakes and tsunamis shifting our axis

please enjoy this song that compliments the poem~
Love Me Tender~Nicholas Cage

Before The UnCreation

Before the UnCreation,

when all this turns

to anti-matter,

black holes chewing

on nearby galaxies,

earthquakes and tsunamis

shifting our axis,

whole cities unraveling,

frogs going extinct,

ebola erasing the apes,

e-coli or melanomas

erasing our neighbors,

while the ice caps

keep on melting…

I wish the world

to know I believe,

that anything we did,

for anyone for love,

with no conditions,

or  limits,

or expectations,

even in the last days…

it Did

make a difference.

Karima Hoisan
© 2010 all rights reserved

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3 Responses to Before The UnCreation

  1. I want to say here, because I feel the poem is appropriate although it was written a year ago, that I hold all people who are suffering the effects of natural disasters in my prayers and thoughts, especially the people of Japan.
    This impressive photograph entitled only Snapshot_086 is one of hundreds to be found on the flickr photostream of David Denton Architect known in Second Life as DB Bailey.
    I am taking my time enjoying each image one by one. I have left many comments which are mostly just poetic impressions of these incredible photographs. I invite you all to browse through his collection. that will take you to the image above that I used..and you can take off from there.
    Thank you David for sharing these works of Art with all of us.


  2. Amen, Karima. By filling all the dark places with our light, we may be able to keep the sun shining a bit longer. Perhaps forever. 🙂


  3. Love, the unconditional kind, is the answer to getting it right..Thank you Camille for your very hopeful comment..


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