Blue Steel and Candlelight

I hear the elevator, it whispers,"Take me."

(please enjoy this tango with the poem) “Ambrosia”

Blue Steel and Candlelight

The blue steel and moonlight catch my breath
and hold it prisoner,
tiny agony of color, you tease and torture me.
I contemplate just flying,
feeling weightless, giddy, drunk on azure’s wine once more.

I slur my words, and a tango beat falls  from above,
with the unspoken invitation of a red elevator descending

Red, against all these high, smooth, rounded walls,
red like my blood running, reddening my cheeks, high alert in the core of me, I almost bend my knees as I perceive the candlelight glowing behind a closed glass door. I hear the elevator, it whispers
“Take me.”

I push my own buttons, as the flimsy frame descends,
and even though I can not see the shaft, or how all this can be,
I know above in a room of reds and orange tapestries,
there awaits a night of pure delight for me.

The smells of warm fresh bread,
the tango strums its’ magic,
I run my open palm along the cold to -touch wall,
as slowly I rise to the penthouse of  my fantasies,
this tango dances with my heart beat.
I reach into my jeweled embroidered handbag,
and touch a drop of perfume behind each ear,
the glow of  candlelight, makes powder blue reflections,
as I check my face and makeup in the small  gold compact mirror.
Even though it is my first time here,
never having seen this side of the walls,
all seems familiar and I anticipate what legend has written
on tongues of  giggling girls who might have walked before
these  corridors of candle glow and long romantic halls.

The elevator stops in front of a french door,
gears cease their whirling,
and I feel the tightening of expectation
as I press my finger to the small bell,
waiting to be let in.
Rich blue calms my soul, I hold my breath.
What is on the other side,
could be my night of beginning love
or be  another one- night death.
Oh lottery of  romance, intensely blue,
I choose to keep on loving and not playing you!
One shadow approaches, with one click of a lock,
I am flooded with dim lamplight against the blue of this loft,
and my red painted lips,
meet the blue of his eyes….

Karima Hoisan,
March 17, 2011
PZ, Costa Rica RL
©2011 all rights reserved

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