When You Run With Wizards

When You Run With Wizards

When you run with Wizards, and ride a bike, you could be zapped with a beam of light
And something that was so very ordinary, turns into a colorful blimp that takes flight.

"...you could be zapped with a beam of light

"...a colorful blimp that takes flight.

That sails you away to high foreign lands of fantasies bright orange and green,
Or invites you to see a fireworks show, that has never in this lifetime been seen

"...lands of fantasies bright orange and green."

"..never in this lifetime been seen."

Wizards come in all shapes and sizes, but their power to create cannot be denied
Each one has found the key to the magic, will enthrall you before the paint has even dried.

The Wiz of Digital Realms

Out of nothing but a spark of an idea, the empty space is transformed into land,
And *boof* before your eyes there comes a city, and you are  invited to tour it firsthand.

"...the empty space is transformed into land.

"...and you are invited to tour it firsthand"

There are Wizard’s who put all their special talents into creating a party just for you.
In magic good taste they weave spells of celebration, and invite your best friends to it too.

creating a party just for you

A Wizard who puts all his talent

Some Wizards have a physical aspect, that can only be described as bizarre
But the closer you come to know them, you can sense their light goodness from afar.

"...described as pretty bizarre>"

"...you can sense their light goodness from afar."

There is another kind of Wizard, that with only his music, can bewitch you deep inside.
His spell he does weave so that all can perceive, when he takes you on his sexy train ride.

"...with only music can bewitch you deep inside"

"...on his sexy train ride."

This little magic otter has captured my Blue obsession, inspired poetry and my heart,
And he has that special knack of wizard alchemy, for turning used junk into glorious Art.

"This little magic otter..."

"...has captured my Blue obsession..."

Wizards walk among us, and I am always so thrilled to believe they are here to stay.
How lucky indeed, if you can meet and enjoy them, on any one of your virtual days.
When you run with Wizards you fly, dance, and laugh, you elevate more than you run,
Learn to see and appreciate just what they do, they open our doors to amazement and fun.

"...our doors to amazement and fun"

The End

Karima Hoisan
March 23, 2011
Virtual Office, Linc Island SL

*Please see my comments for some of the Wizards I know


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7 Responses to When You Run With Wizards

  1. I have known many Wizards and seem to meet new ones now and then, which is always a joy for me. They are a special breed of artist, builder, creator of spaces and innovators. I mention these five (although there are more) because I found some good pictures of them all..smiles
    Chrome Underwood, Menubar Memorial, Tukso Okey, Scottius Polke, and my newest friend DOUGIE Flossberg never fail to thrill, inspire, and surprise me! The sim Locus by DB Bailey is also a daily inspiration for my photography.
    Thank you all for sharing the magic with this poet who does feebly attempt to create spells using only her words, and has the greatest respect for those magicians who can do it building, painting, and making music.


  2. Dzin says:

    Smiles knowingly and laughs heartily at your description of ‘feeble attempts’. I am always spellbound by your words, Sissy. Not only because I love you dearly; more importantly because of the *magic* you bring to everyone’s life and share so selflessly! Oh the magnificent Wizards you have shown me over time; all uniquely unforgettable, as are YOU! Smoochies and bows demurely to my favorite Wizard-ess :). Thanks for spreading the smilessss with yet another peek into your always adventurous, never dull life among the Spellcasters!


  3. Aww Sis, you are just partial..Loved your comment and yes you have known some mutual “magnificent Wizards” hehe and a few on your own too:) So glad I could bring a smile to your day.. and I almost forgot about you and your Voodoo store in New Toulouse…you know all about spell -casting:):)


  4. Happiness says:

    Oh Kari you have done it again! In your joyful romps through virtual reality, you bring impossible possibilities to light, and shine on all those who so appreciate your inspiration and fearless pursuit of all things marvelous. This is a terrific example of how you keep pushing the edges of adventure. Blessings on Thee! Much love, Happiness


    • I love this line Happiness “fearless pursuit of all things marvelous.” what a wonderful way to put it! It fills my heart to know we are an ever- growing group *smiles. I know you would agree on my choices for Wizards, as you know most of them, and danced like crazy in sync to one of them with me last night:)
      Blessings to you too word-lady with the disco ball soul, who spreads light in all directions and keeps me always inspired..a fellow Wizardess of our poetry realm
      love, Kari


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