Limited Edition

"I remember when she just sold hot-dogs on the corner"

Please enjoy this guitar music while you read the poem

Limited Edition

You are the subtle perfume
I wear on me all day.
People look back when I pass,
perfect strangers,
sniff the air,
“What a marvelous scent.”
Does she apply it to her wrist?
Perhaps the pulse point
at her neck?
Why does the smell strengthen
with each beat of her heart?
What is this aroma,
that magically changes her
into the supernatural?
I remember when she,
just sold hot-dogs on the corner,
earned barely enough
to keep the cold away,
the nightmares at bay.

"Now she is a mounted princess!"

Now she is a mounted princess!
Look how she sways
and prances,
promoting this fragrance,
as if she designed it,
as if it were hers,
as if she were about
to become a millionaire.
we all want it too.
She won’t share her secret.
When you ask her,
“What are you wearing?”
She only replies,
“Oh just a little flowery scent”
Limited Edition,
for me”

Karima Hoisan
©2006 all rights reserved

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