"The earth loses vitality and bleeds"

Please click on the music “Farewell ~Tan Dun” to accompany the poem)


A Villanelle inspired by the painting “Nippon” by Isabel Hermano

The suffering comes rolling in on tides
Convulsing earth brings towns down to their knees
All nations weep as one for those who died

This horror is more than any can abide
Shocked disbelief moans out”This can not be!”
The suffering comes rolling in on tides

The melting down makes dangers leak outside
The leaves now tainted with the deadly breeze
All nations weep as one for those who died

Hardship brings out the best from deep inside
Each neighbor lends a hand to those in need
The suffering comes rolling in on tides

Deep strength of a great culture is applied
Compassion is now seen in generous deeds
All nations weep as one for those who died

Nippon your pain is shared by all worldwide
The earth has lost vitality and bleeds
The suffering comes rolling in on tides
All nations weep as one for those who died

Karima Hoisan
March 24, 2011
Virtual Gallery Linc Island SL

*please see my comment below

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7 Responses to Nippon

  1. Sometimes events are so horrific, it is not possible to write a poem for them at the moment. This for me is the case of Japan. It took this painting to come into my life, today, a gift from the artist Isabel Hermano, to help me understand it was time to say something. I chose the structured form of the Villanelle. It is not an Oriental format, but Italian, yet its’ strictness and it’s disciplined lines of both rhyme and rhythm, make me feel it is very suitable for what I wanted to say,and simple but direct like the painting.. There is so much more that can be said(even by me) but for today, I choose to give my heart to a great culture in pain by writing this minimal, subtle poem, in which I place my deepest compassion.
    Thank you Isabel once again, your painting has inspired a poem in me (please see previous post for the other
    Here is the slurl to Isabel’s island gallery. I hope you will visit soon and see more of her beautiful paintings.
    For those interested the Villanelle is laid out like this:
    villanelle |ˌviləˈnel|
    a nineteen-line poem with two rhymes throughout, consisting of five tercets and a quatrain, with the first and third lines of the opening tercet recurring alternately at the end of the other tercets and with both repeated at the close of the concluding quatrain.


  2. Ron Holmes says:

    Thank you again, Kari, for your crystalline, carillion voice. You speak eloquently for us all. You are truly the concienscience-voice of the world. Blessed be! We all weep for our cousins there. rlh


  3. Dear Karima !
    You put into words, and how elaborate they are !, the pain and the bewilderment of our hearts – looking towards Japan. Thank you for this touching poem ! I will print it and display it at our fund-raising tombola in Santiago , tomorrow, if you agree 🙂
    With love


  4. Ron, thank you again for you comment. I think a poet must reach out and touch others with words. You make me believe that I completed my duty as a poet in this case. Thank you for your open gesture of solidarity and for your friendship
    in peace,

    Isa, once again thank you for your talent.Isn’t it amazing how a few brush strokes or a few chosen words can move us to feel what we might have had a hard time expressing. Your painting did just that for me, and I am so grateful that you sent it. Of course you may use the poem. You honor me with the request,


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    A poem like this will touch all who read it. Karima has such insight. She is without parallel!!!


  6. Hoyt once again I thank you for understanding and feeling my poetry. I am so glad that you are close in my life:) You are the mirror that helps me believe in myself as a poet:) You are such a positive influence for my writing..big smiles


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