From SL To RL with Love for Japan

In my last post, the painting and poem entitled “Nippon” (see post) I was inspired and motivated to write a long over- due poem about my thoughts for Japan in this cataclysmic moment. As I said in my comment, sometimes events are so overwhelmingly horrific we stand with our mouths open, wordless.  I had tried several times to write something but unsuccessfully. Then a few days ago Isabel Hermano, a very talented artist whose abstract “Renacimiento” (Rebirth) had already inspired a poem in me, sent me her latest “Nippon”
All of a sudden the words flowed and I sent her the poem and posted it here on my blog with her painting.  She told me she would be displaying her paintings, and asked permission to also display my poem for a fund raising event for Japan in Santiago Chile this last weekend. Here are a few photos she sent to me of the event.

Raising Funds for japan in Santiago Chile

Isabel Hermano (long red hair) and friends at the event

Today my first IM of the morning was from Isabel and I was so very moved on so many levels, I found myself in tears (the good kind) to think that a little creative effort that began here as an SL collaboration, could reach out to people in RL and make a difference for a country so far away from both and yet so connected. For anyone who still doesn’t get that virtual worlds are so much more more than fantasy playgrounds, that they are exciting and amazing ways to connect, collaborate, share and yes make a difference even in the “real world” I offer this small example and hope it inspires others. This next picture has my poem attached to the top left hand corner and Isabel’s IM read:

"Compassion is now seen in generous deeds.."

“Isabel Hermano: Hola Karima 🙂 Just wanted to tell you, our fund raising tombola was fantastic ! We collected over 1000 Dollars and your poem made my Japanese friends cry!  One big copy was attached to a clipboard and the small copies we handed out  :)”

When people reach out and propose to do something with whatever they have at hand, whatever talent, or skill they are given,  even donating a few hours of their time, these acts are never in vain. As I say in my poem “Before The Uncreation”

“I wish the world
to know I believe,
that anything we did,
for anyone for love,
with no conditions,
or  limits,
or expectations,
even in the last days…
it Did
make a difference.”

The event that Isabel donated her talent for and carried my poem there to help raise funds for Japan, has inspired me once again by showing me the truth of the words of my own verse… because even though I wrote them,  I sometimes forget that they are true.
Here in SL we can buy Linden Bears, or many other products, sellers are donating their proceeds to help raise funds.The important thing is, to contribute in any way we can, as Japan still very much needs our support.

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2 Responses to From SL To RL with Love for Japan

  1. My dear Karima !
    For me, it was your entry this morning, the first thing, I saw , when I turned on my PC 🙂
    Now I`m touched , grateful and equally soo glad ***, that words ( my words) can`t describe it.
    muchissimas gracias


  2. Aww so sweet of you to comment Isabel, and I guess this now makes us even:) very nice happy first morning words, that brought us both joy:)
    un abrazo fuerte,


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