Silver Boots Take Me Away

I have been assaulted by my muse in the last weeks.It has made me write much more than I usually write, ( almost a poem a day)  and about some pretty heavy topics, both world relevant and personal. After my last post, “Her Name Was Noor” I felt emotionally drained and physically too ( fished a cold out of the air) and I said to a few of my friends, that I was kicking that “slave-driving muse” in the butt and taking the weekend off from writing. I accepted any invitation anyone wanted to extend yesterday, to explore, or dance, or enjoy an art opening. To make a long story short, I wound up at a sim that has a build entitled “Delicatessen Petrified” creators, CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur… bizarre name for an equally bizarre place. I walked around and found a very amazing ball and sat on it..that was the end of my vacation, as my muse woke up in mid-flight and made me take about 80 pictures, most of them off-centered as I was in motion. The final product is below and I invite you to play it and just know that I really have very little idea how to put a poem up well on frames, but know I have worked almost 20 hours and I don’t think it can get much better, at least not in my hands. I share with you now Silver Boots Take Me Away. Enjoy

Here is the written out poem if you had a little trouble catching the words as they flew by

Silver Boots Take Me Away

If I could be free of all the misery
and put on my magic silver boots and fly,
and twist and dive until I drop into the ocean,
I perhaps could bear the world’s sadness that fills my eyes.

Up here the air is cool and I am almost weightless,
no burdens heavy on my back or mind,
I surrender to the pull of wind and gravity,
and say a silent prayer for humankind.

My creator made me a poet, so he didn’t add the brake.
Which makes me always slipping down inside of things,
If I don’t take some breaths of purity from clouds and open skies
I might roll into that crevasse carved by all that Life does bring

Roll me over air and sea, and bathe me in your peace
Let all the tears I’ve cried this week be dried
Charge up my mundane batteries, prepare me for new scenes
I know I am too sensitive to watch them all …I’ve tried

Silver Boots fly me away, to  know and feel too much is like an ache
I dream of better worlds that neither you nor I will  see.
Our Mother clock and all of us are winding slowly down,
Just one more glide on airborne tides… here comes reality.

Karima Hoisan
April 3, 2011
Delicatessen- Petrified, Porto, SL

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5 Responses to Silver Boots Take Me Away

  1. Dzin says:

    Beautifully done, Beautiful! Your words… moving, as always and the ‘glimmer’ on the photos that makes the water look alive and your clothing sparkle, adds to the mystical rhythm of your words timed to music. Smiles…. *poetry in motion*, no doubt!


  2. aww thank you Diz so glad you liked it..lots of little things I see wrong but in general I think it was better than just trying to describe it. I recommend you visit there and fly for yourself, or even better go with me soon. Big hugs


  3. I want to leave a little clarification for my muse..” Dear muse I was just kidding …kiss kiss”
    I know how temperamental they can be, so I felt I needed her to know that I really do want to continue writing poetry, and a poet with a muse that turns her a very sad poet indeed. Also the Flying Ball is called “Omega Star Dream (5AV version)* Relax and Enjoy, go Orbital! I just got one for my sim(LINC Island) and here is the direct LM to land on the platform and right click the ball and choose Join and FLY!!!


  4. I just discovered this powerful, amazing poem. Your burdon made me cry. Life can offer so much sadness, so much failure, so much uncertainty. Many see nothing, feel nothing. Life slides past them like some old movie playing to their side. They are not in that movie! Only the fantasy in their head assuring them of their incredible value.

    You and so many here take the lead in being buffeted by the crashing waves, in seeing and being part of real life and real issues that really need fixing….and so many injustices that badly need repairs and healing. I believe these things can only be fixed if one sees….feels the wrongs. Feels the hurts…the inequities…all the things humans need but can’t find or are blocked by folly or selfishness or utter blindness to others’ lack.

    You feel deeply enough for many ones. Your strength and willingness to see shields them from the rain long enough for them to recognize what they avoid seeing…doing…feeling….only then can wrongs be made right. Your raw love gives ones a space to open their eyes. You paid for their ticket to see. Now it is their turn to do that for others who need. And, the need is so great here on Earth. All ones can follow your lead. To see…be part of helping to fix everything that is broken…You set the example. But your role is hard. It is painful to clearly see life. To acknowledge what is and then come back to do repairs. You put out first to others have breadcrumbs to follow. Your precious tears buy a future for ones who will fly themselves from your example. You are blessed by your tears. They carry the power of God.

    Thank you, in Peace


    • Tube,
      thank you for this comment, that in itself is a small essay so beautifully written and expressed. My mother used to tell me when I was younger, “Oh you are so sensitive! Life will rub you raw!” and in a way, she was right, but luckily, and I give thanks for this every day, my Creator made me a poet, so there would always be a means to channel and yes to alleviate my over-sensitivities, without making me desensitized to the pain and suffering around me. As I stated in my introduction to this little poem, it came right after “Her Name Was Noor” which , and I will be honest, really affected me, physically and emotionally. My tears fell for days, while I was writing it, and I still have not performed it in a live reading, as I felt too much, but I think I am about to soon. I could do more..but I only make small incursions into writing about the World’s sadness, injustices, and tragedies. Each one, I feel so deeply at times, that I too tend to escape and put on my silver boots and fly high above it all for awhile, gulping in the fresh air of distance to be able to cope with it all. Thank you once again Tube, for your beautifully written and expressed thoughts. Your support always has been and continues to be so very welcomed and appreciated by me.


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