The Muse Dreams


"The muse dreamed of war until tears ran down my face."

Please enjoy this beautiful dreamy song by Runrig while you read the poem

The Muse Dreams

For RAG Randt

The muse dreamed of war until tears ran down my face.
She whispered some secrets in my ear
that made me wake and wonder.

The muse is but a messenger, for all the words are written.
She comes to paint my eyes with hidden pictures
where I linger languidly in deepest sleep.

I love and need her and sometimes I do fear her,
as she defines the very fabric of who I am,
and without a warning she could leave me.

The muse dreamed of love and love poured from my pen.
She carried me higher than I have ever been
and I kissed her on her lips with fresh-born poems.

The muse rolled me over and she told me “I’ll return”
but only when I feel like coming back. “
“Just leave your door unlatched and learn to trust me.”

I am in awe of where she goes, when suddenly she’s gone,
then I am left a mortal shell where magic hides its face
and weightless nights and days turn into lead balloons.

Karima Hoisan
April 5, 2011
Linc Renacer Misty Shores SL

*please see my comment below

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3 Responses to The Muse Dreams

  1. The Muse Dreams was the title of the photograph you see above that RAG Randt sent to me today. I was flying over my sim wondering where my next poem might come from, when all of a sudden it was sent to me in the form of this photograph he took yesterday flying over Delicatessen Petrified. I found it so beautiful and I guess so did my muse *smiles. RAG Randt is a wonderful very creative and unique artist in Second Life. Art is what brought us our friendship. Thank you RAG for your beautiful picture. This poem it produced is for you 🙂
    I also see my muse has been filling my library with Celtic music (the last three posts) Although it is rather new for me as a favorite genre, it touches a very deep place in my heart sometimes so “beautifully sad, it feels like joy”


  2. So true words, as always, Karima ! Love this sweet poem and I`m sure, that your muse will always be glad to return ****


    • Aww thank you Isabel.. Glad you enjoyed this poem.I hope my muse hears you..from your thoughts to hers:) I felt I “owed her “a poem as she has been so generous with me lately and has been keeping pretty close too:)


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