Flying Blind ~ On Instincts Only

I wake into subconsciousness

please play the music“To Live Is To Fly ~ Townes Van Zandt” while you enjoy your flight

Flying Blind ~On Instincts Only~

I wake into subconsciousness and I am already on the move
smoothly gliding down a boulevard of emerald lights and glow-tipped leaves.
The buildings hum in expectation but even I do not know what I’ll do,
For now I hover, my fingers read the changing air as my eyesight’s lost to me.

There is no clawing panic as I fly blind, on instincts only, just four feet off the ground.
I sense I am being pulled to where it is I should be going,
so I relax each circuit of my being and let the radar take me over,
soft thick air from the warm night’s song, whispers melodies inside the breeze.

I know you will be at the end of this flight pattern, approved by higher- ups,
and you will press me to you, and I will touch your face amongst the rest.
I allow myself the luxury of rolling over onto my back, while I keep  floating,
bringing a knee up like a keel,  feeling my skirt is the main sail, topsy- turvy.

I want to eat each second of this flight like a slow motion chocolate that melts
Only in my mouth and shocks my body with a rush of pure natural release.
I am the air ship Liberty who flies her flag of freedom from the chiseled bow,
and waits to feel the one who lands her at the other side of this dream’s destiny.

Karima Hoisan
April 10, 2011
Misty Shores Linc Island SL

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1 Response to Flying Blind ~ On Instincts Only

  1. Once again I am being pulled into a rich fantasy life by the colors and magic of the sim Locus. My Colored Dream Series is on hold a bit until DB Bailey, the creator of the sim, can finish some more meanwhile..I fly down the empty streets and let fate be my radar.


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