I am not dreaming as I recline on the very orange divan

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**~ Bubbles~**

I am not dreaming as I recline on the very orange divan,
my Bubble wand now casually held in my relaxed right hand.
I look around, ahh..these surroundings make it easy for me to wait,
but Bubbles have not that luxury, and soon they will weaken and deflate.

they set off  to explore like the bubble-metro express

They set off to explore the island like the Bubble metroexpress,
Passing through walls with colored swirls in synchronized finesse,
but their lifetime is so short and finite, that’s why they call out to me
To wave my wand a few more times, so more have opportunity.

And I smile, spinning around to give a chance to many more

I rise from my repose, follow the Bubbles as they float out the door,
And I smile, spinning round again, to give a chance to many more.
They hover, staying close to each other, reflecting the beauty that they see,
but it makes me sad to think that every single one, soon will cease to be.

But for the lucky Bubbles who float and travel a minute or two,
They bring joy to all who see them as they fly by in plain view.
The faces of smiling children texture their outer nature with a glow
No one is immune to Bubbles, who are born to ride upon Life’s shorter blow.

“Fly away my beauties, while the color is fresh around you!”
Blow on upward drafts of gentle wind and glorious melting hues.
I send you to your journey and your short-lived Bubble glory
Like a may-fly you will die too quickly, that is your written story.

Quickly Bubbles! Go and see the changing marvels of your world

Quickly Bubbles! Go and see the changing marvels of your Land!
Look! What strange colors and creatures you have so close at hand.
Come close to all that’s near and be their highlight and their favorite mirror.
If only for some seconds, make them feel and know that you were here.

Your short-lived span with us is closing…

Your short-lived span with us is closing and I feel the fade is growing
I sense it in the way you twirl your shades, now dull and slowing.
Bubble.. Bubbles.. thank you for the awe that you inspire in me
But excuse me while I turn my head, so your ending I won’t have to see.



Karima Hoisan
April, 12, 2011
Misty Shores Linc Island SL
©2011 all rights reserved

*please see my comment

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7 Responses to **~Bubbles~**

  1. Bubbles are happy but they have a deep inherent sadness in their short-lived flight. I want to thank Menubar Memorial for his marvelous” Bubble Wand”and also, he is the image you see reflected in the last fading bubble 🙂
    You can find it at his main store http://slurl.com/secondlife/WaterMoon%20Breeze/60/61/24
    or on Marketplace http://tinyurl.com/3u8csdk Only 5L and so much fun:) Once again my sincere thanks to DB Bailey for his extraordinary color sense, and amazing Sim Locus: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Locus/82/113/31


  2. Menubar says:

    Aw so sweet Karima. That humble, simple little bubble wand inspires so many people. It’s the simple pleasures that matter. So happy to read this, it will hold a spot in my heart forever.


  3. mojo manamiko says:

    wow…first vultures..then whales, now bubbles, to me, will never be looked at the same as before..I dont think you know how many minds and hearts..and perspectives you change in peoples lives Karima…your words and your lovely open heart are an inpiration to so many.


  4. Oh Mojo thank you for your comments..I am so glad if I could touch an already sensitive soul (yours) with my own poetic take on small details of our lives, we sometime don’t stop and see. When I was a child, I cried for the bubbles, when they faded and turned black..when I saw the color go..I closed my eyes:) I guess I was “doomed” to be a poet from then on:) Thanks again for taking the time to tell me and


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    I’ll never look the same at a bubble again. So metaphoric. Many angles to this one. Beautiful!


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