I Eat Color And It Makes Me Dance

I eat color and it makes me dance

(please click and play this beautiful song Suave Suave by B-Tribe while you read)

I Eat Color And It Makes Me Dance

I eat color and it makes me dance.
It flows into my open mouth like ribbons of sweet candy
and flavors me to close my eyes and sigh.
I see food where you see light beams, I reach out and taste them
with wet lips and my eyes roll up into my mind
and I smile while color drips
down my chin.
I can’t help myself, this is how it’s always been.
I eat color and it nibbles tenderly back on me and bathes my face.

I will be obese on pale steel blue served to me on orange plates
to savor with silverware of iridescent emerald spoons.

My tongue feels drops of red that turn to pink that turn to dance and then…
I turn around and there is a pliét and I am executing it.
I throw back my head and raise my arms and all the colors wash over my eyes,
my nose is being courted by pale off-white whiffs, that mix with orange making peaches and cream and fantasy dreams, and I swallow it excitedly, then….
I dance**~~~~ and
I dance**~~~~ and
I dance!

Karima Hoisan
April 13, 2011
Misty Shores Linc Island SL
© 2011 all rights reserved

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9 Responses to I Eat Color And It Makes Me Dance

  1. I know.. sophomoric colored writing again….the Bubbles made me do it:)


  2. Hoyt Heron says:

    Keep them coming Miss Karima! You are on a roll!


  3. The connection , the deep relationship between the power of colours and the dance..I knew it instinctively, seemed to be an ancient wisdom, buried inside the soul. But I never saw this mystery written down, brought to conscience, to the surface, as you did here, Karima !
    Leaves me sighing of joy…and helps me , to understand better, even myself ***


  4. Hi Isabel…yes colors and dance are so inter-connected and I have always said I don’t look at colors I eat them..I go “yummy” or “ohh what a delicious combination” or ” Que Rico!” I am not sure I even found the right words but the idea is this. and when I feel so filled, unlike with mundane food..I feel lighter with each bite (of color) and my body starts to move so easily and naturally into dance..:) Gracias amiga for your comment and sharing the joy you felt 🙂


  5. lol, “que rico” !! I thought, this was only a Chilean expression 🙂
    One of my favourite sayings !!
    Abrazo fuerte ****


  6. Amber Eyre says:

    Hi Kari–
    Perhaps you know that the hearing and tasting of colors is called “synaesthesia?” Apparently, it is a physiological condition in which our sensory thingies overlap in some way. Uncommon–yes, but not mystical. In fact, the famous author Vladimir Nabokov tied his writing to his “gift” of seeing letters and numbers as colors. Anyway, what a fun romp you had 🙂


    • Oh in the end, it’s All mystical to me.. but thank you for your comment Amber and also for a new word too, “synaesthesia” I wonder if there is a word for the syndrome of feeling unbalanced when we see picture frames array..I suffer from that one too *smiles..I appreciate your visit to my blog and your feedback.


  7. Dale Remlee says:

    Enjoyed the sensuality of your poem. Actually eating the sun. The plants do it, only they are selective eating mostly blue and some red, rejecting green. Love that you are dancing in all the vibrations. Hopefully we can follow that lead and nourish ourselves on light. Only on light.

    Liked by 1 person

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