In The Emerald City Of Hair

So we meet in the Emerald City of Hair

and so we meet in the Emerald City of Hair.
I turn the corner and there you stand, in the corridor,
soft metal walls and floors of silky hair,

bare footed, doing and undoing.
You say my words snap at your heels,
because I find it so hard to wait to dream
in every one of your shades and you begin to hear
my whining and barking through the walls.

Wizard of Locus, eccentric genius of  structure’s art and surprise,
of course it is my wish, to open chamber doors as they roll out
the entrance of your brilliant boutique of art unique.

Your island scenes are like Easter eggs that I hunt and find,
then float in light hues gorging myself on their colored texturing.

I fly through the air snapping at your heels like a demented cocker- spaniel
barking More! More! More!…
You take the ordinary and make it extraordinary
and allow me the luxury of any word that pops into my head
to be fed by your rich changing landscapes.

I am a Dorothy,
who not even realizing what she was seeking,
found a sculpted radiant rainbow chunk of it
in your kingdom.
Thank you,

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3 Responses to In The Emerald City Of Hair

  1. An over-due thank you note to the creator (DB Bailey aka David Denton ) and the creation “Locus” that have inspired so many of my posts and photos.
    It’s always changing, always morphing, and always amazing..Visit it:)


  2. missy rothmanay says:

    I applaud him too such places are gems and i too want to find a chunky piece to take and keep for my greedy eyes .


    • DB Bailey is a unique and gifted man. We are lucky to have him in Second Life. He opened his sim to me and I became a “Squatter” and ate up all his colors..but they grew back thank goodness:)


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