Sleep Walking Through Your Town

The beat of the night beats in my bare feet

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Sleep Walking Through Your Town

The beat of the night’s music double beats in my bare feet
Dum ta dum dumtadum, tropical-latin with passion.
The night is stronger than the locks on my door or my sleep.
It comes into my room through an open window and stirs me up again.
I remember how you looked at me when I passed you on the street,
Tonight I glide on slow motion big cat strides, hands open wide
Look at me I am a floating offering, a leopard and a lover dum ta dum,
I come to find you and take it to the finish, what you have begun.

Did you think a look like that said nothing to me?
Or I don’t speak the language of looks, or your mouthing tease?
Lips in pouting pantomime “oh mami please”?

If you really want to, here I come, just look at me.
My lower back has a curve that fits the back of your eyes,
Burning into them
like a brand, and wherever you sleep or stand,
I come to find you and take it to the finish, what you began

Sensual sensual, the night is my instigator, my closed eyes on Doppler
Oh ready or not, I will find you, here I am.
I will make those chili -picante eyes water over,
your mouth will gasp and open in shocked surprise.
My lips are smiling, my lips come to make yours kiss alive.
Silky hair blowing wild and free, I am the epitome of me
dum ta dum, dumtadum I come,
to find you and take it to the finish, what you’ve begun.

Sleep walking through your town, the moon howls
The guitar strums up my tight-fit gown and my hips roll
back and forth and up and down,and everyone I pass
sees and hears my beat dum ta dum, dumtadum.
They hand- clap inside themselves and follow me along“Olé”
But I am on one mission, and it will not be echoed in the day.
I laugh aloud and feel my skirt split against my thighs,
Your town decked out in pale green and dreamy brown,
has lit a fire in there, now it is so easy for me to see,
that this is how it’s going to be…
I come to find you and take it to the finish, what you began in me.

Karima Hoisan
April 18, 2011
Misty Shores Linc Island, SL
©2011 all rights reserved



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6 Responses to Sleep Walking Through Your Town

  1. Snik says:

    I feel it first
    a different radiation
    infinitely positive
    coming closer
    coursing through the intoxicating night
    I turn my head towards the epiphany
    as She rounds the corner
    my wine glass rattles
    as the small steel cafe table vibrates
    giving itself in sympathy
    to the irresistible waves
    of Her devastating female energy
    more intense than the radiation of fukushima
    as pure as the love of a child
    white-hot brilliance from the center of an exploding star
    taking the night for Her own
    a girl on a mission
    homing in
    on some equivalent energy point
    of the opposite polarity
    it might be the end of the universe when they meet
    but still
    I wish
    I was
    that man


    • Oh my Snick!
      Well you are a poet indeed too!
      I am left breathless…wordless..maybe if those two sold tickets to the meeting up
      they could both pay the rent in those second story city rooms of pale green and rusted brown.
      Eloquent, poetic and surprising, your comment..Thank you so very much


  2. A simmering, come-hithering foray into the center of the erogenous zone, Karima.Would never have guessed you could set off smoke alarms with a poem, but you’ve managed to do it with this one. Smiles.


    • Chrome…loved your “shimmering come -hithering” phrase..I may ask to use that sometime (but I always give credit) Your comment made me smile and much appreciated…oh oh I think I hear the fire trucks now


  3. RAG Randt says:



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