My Beloved Moth’s Burning Flame

"...where the piper lures me from the park..."

I invite you to click this link to hear an .mp3 music file by Angelo Badalamenti entitled Roberto’s Arabesque to set the mood along with the picture and the poem.

Weirdness is the first name for my beloved moth’s burning flame,
that fires me up to go to shocking places, startling and treacherously unknown,
where the piper lures me from the park, into the twisted wooded back-ways,
and there I’m finally set ablaze inside someone’s unexpected game.

Strange is the middle name for my beloved moth’s burning flame,
the bass keys, the minor scales, where a shopping cart preludes sad endings,
so attractive for my dark- side, waxen wings of off-beat curiosity,
yes, it’s probably that tendency, of poetic self destruction that’s to blame.

Disturbed is the first surname for my beloved moth’s burning flame,
Emo, Goth, white-skinned -red lipped and wearing a pale down-turned grin,
ominous black birds, fog wheels and rolls, while the piper’s music plays,
and dangerous dogs do not obey, while children tease as if they’re tame.

Freakish is the last surname for my beloved moth’s burning flame,
excessive imagination, makes the wind cry and the leaves now whisper “die.”
The wick tonight does burn too bright, and curious moths will crisp and sputter.
Eldritch strolls out of the gutter, and in the dim-lit park, what’s his, he will reclaim.

Karima Hoisan
May 19, 20011
Virtual Art Gallery LINC Island SL

*please see my comment below

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3 Responses to My Beloved Moth’s Burning Flame

  1. My friend Theodore suggested I go To PAD to see an exhibition by the artist Rob Barber in SL, Rob Steenhorst in RL. As soon as I landed, I saw a print called “LoveDot” and remembered seeing it in my friend Chrome Underwood’s blog post entitled” Berlin, revisited” (see post I was drawn to it once again, and as I discovered more and more of his prints, I knew I would have a hard time making up my mind, but my heart was set on getting one. I had to log and didn’t choose. Earlier, in a chat with Chrome, he described a happening that day as being a little weird, and I popped out with a line I have never said before, “Weird is the name of my moth’s flame” We both laughed and that was that, although I said “This could be a poem.” and he said “Go for it” Well here is the final product of that phrase, it is now officially a poem, and I went back today, to choose this print as it was what I had in mind when I first began writing. The image is normal actually, a man playing a horn, a bicycle, kids, dogs, birds, yet something is a bit off (in the good way 🙂 and that “something” sparked this poet’s very active imagination. I had a chance to speak with the artist today, and enjoyed exchanging creative “secrets” and just talking Art. He has a web page I will give you here and also the surl if you are in SL to see his exhibit at PAD. I find his work, very inspiring and many have poems or small stories hidden inside of them too, I’m pretty sure.
    Rob Steenhorst’s webpage:
    Pad exhibition of his work in SL:
    By the way the word “eldritch” means: weird and sinister or ghostly : an eldritch screech.
    ORIGIN early 16th cent. (originally Scots): perhaps related to elf .
    It was a new word for me and the first time I ever used it.


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  3. A very late reaction from my side. I was very flattered when Karima did poems on my work. She is able to (re)tell the story the image presents. Doing it on a way that is very much in her own words and style, without pinpointing the viewer and reader on a particular point of view. Although my insight in the English language is to poor to judge the poems on their literary quality i very much enjoy reading them. Recently i made some prints where the poems are combined with the image and exposed them (In RL) to public along with my art. The reactions are very positive. People enjoy them the same way i do.
    I have always have been quite reluctant towards publishing texts, made by others but inspired on my art. When to much is said or written about art it takes a away the mystery. The positive reactions on Karima’s poems in combination with my images during the exhibition took that away.
    Thinking about some form of publication.
    Rob Steenhorst


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