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Karima Hoisan Reading at Aux Bains du Paradis- Sat.- July 8th-12 noonSlt

I would like to invite my readers and friends who enjoy my poetry, to a special reading this Saturday, July 8th at 12pm SLT in Second Life. I have been invited by the creator of the Baths, Kim (kimhanh) and … Continue reading

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Rob Steenhorst’s Art Book-Sporting Life

This seems to be my week of “Show and Tell.” 🙂 I don’t mean to be blowing my own horn too loudly, just as luck would have it, two collaborations that I was lucky enough to be part of, were … Continue reading

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“Hansel and Gretel Are Lost” by the Artist – Rob Barber (Rob Steenhorst)

Hansel and Gretel are Lost for the artist – Rob Barber (Rob Steenhorst) Your pressed velour, socks tight and bright, hair combed and neat Crisp innocence stopped upon a path with pink-flushed cheeks, Are you not afraid? There’s a big … Continue reading

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Love Tease

Love Tease Inspired by the painting of the same name by Rob Steenhorst I see two on a fishing trip, they are angling sportsmen on a loveless luckless night. Smooth sounds of jazzy bars fly from their lips, like lures … Continue reading

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Sea Swell

 Sea Swell for Rob Steenhorst the artist Now, some incline to travel o’er the lands, on hooves well shod, with saddles oiled and girth straps tight, those graceful riders stirrups measured, find their seat and with an easy rein outstretched, … Continue reading

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Sand Pit

 Sand Pit for Rob Steenhorst the artist ~*~ A hazy morning, wood smoke with blooming flowers in the summer air, The village wakes to breakfast, and warm chatter about local gossip and the news. Two loyal subjects, dressed for work, … Continue reading

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My Beloved Moth’s Burning Flame

I invite you to click this link to hear an .mp3 music file by Angelo Badalamenti entitled Roberto’s Arabesque to set the mood along with the picture and the poem. Weirdness is the first name for my beloved moth’s burning … Continue reading

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