Buoy In The Night…The Movie!

I present to you all my latest swim (literally) into those dark barely discovered waters (for me that is) of SL machinima and the technique of video capture. This is my second attempt, and I do see an improvement over my first “Too Far For Me” I have dedicated this little 6 minute movie to Happiness Merryman,  friend, co-sim owner, and someone who believes in me, as she put the camera in my hands (the capture program) and said, “Go make some awesome videos.”
So…I hope that she, along with you, my readers, enjoy “Buoy In The Night…The Movie!”
Please play it full screen and at the highest quality setting…

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16 Responses to Buoy In The Night…The Movie!

  1. Dyce Underwood says:

    Ohhhh my gosh!!!
    Buoy In The Night is beautiful. Thank you for sharing Karima. My girl armany told me about you. Fabulous. Thank you for sharing Soooo much.


  2. menubar says:

    Nice video Karima! Great word-jazz! Reminds me so much of the old Ken Nordine recordings.


  3. Mario Camarena says:

    Wow Kari. That was mind blowing. Your voice is mesmorizing. I’l be back for more.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us.


  4. Oh my GOODNESS! This is most definitely *your medium* Sissy. I am awed by the entire production (as usual, smiles). When I think back at how you first shared your soulful spirit in words alone – which have always been thought/emotion provocative, then added musical backgrounds to create performances that took hold of the reader’s senses, and now THIS?! Truly, you are in your element with machinima. *APPLAUSE*.. with standing ovations! .Extremely well done and I am so proud of you! ENCORE!!!


  5. Aww Sis…I love doing these, and now really want to take some classes and get the fine points down and the basics too..It is so exciting for me..It’s just like working with my Dreams but all the pictures move…so lots of possibilities.. Thanks Sis.for your encouragement in this field:):)


  6. Shesa Quandry says:

    Dearest Karima,
    The machinima seems like such a natural medium for your enchanting poetry… just beautiful. Watch out Menubar! Karima is doing machinima now! ;o) You are so naturally talented. Please make more. Sharing your wonderful creativity makes Second Life a brighter place for all of us.


    • Smiling.I think Menubar is still light years away and up ahead “safe”:) Thanks Shesa for leaving your comment, and I am so pleased you enjoyed it.I think sharing and collaborating and enjoying and supporting is what our SL is all about, at least the best parts of it for me:)


  7. jan says:

    Beautiful, Karima….wow….you are expanding in your creative expressions by leaps and bounds….now on to videos! Watching you deepen and brighten is so inspiring to me! All the elements of your art are developing so rapidy into masterful expressions of the human soul. First the prose….then the poetry arrived like a revelation with a vocabulary that was stunning in its ability to reach deep inside the reader ( and the writer )…then, if my mind wasn’t already blown by all this….came the music…listen as you read. Then next, your voice reading the poem, with the music!! And what a voice!! And the visuals…your photography has gotten gorgeous…you are creating visual art!!
    As all this morphs together…your creative brilliance journeys into realms that surpirse YOU as much as we who share in it’s prolific outpouring! Then your prose….the Colored Dream Series was just simply astonishing, a Masterwork on all levels….i was touched so deeply that i cried and swooned and was taken into out-of-this-world feeling realms of energy and swirls and passion, sensuality…love, merging….an epic creation. ( Any one reading this who has not taken the time to experience this Series in its entirety,i highly recommend taking that journey. )
    OHoh….and now….videos!………SOOOOOOOO much fun knowing you….you inspire and delight!!!….! As always…….thank you.


  8. Wow Jan, your comments are so wonderful and just really keep nudging me on in a nice but insistent way, to try to better myself in all these expressions. Just because I know you are watching with such a “deep keen eye” moves me to do my best and experiment always, to see what works, and what doesn’t. I have loved doing all these projects, and hope to continue to share new ideas and creative results with you and anyone who might enjoy. This is all about the love of creating, which as you know brings out our deepest passions, and when we love..we just naturally want to share. Thank you Jan for being so close, my sister of mutual inspiration


  9. Tubeguy/Ron says:

    What an amazing piece of work! The music…the visuals. The deep feelings the composition evokes! You are mastering yet another medium.Your talent, curiosity, vision, long dormant images from childhood, impressions. What nice poetry set to a living sculpture!

    I am guessing you have long been fascinated (and maybe a little afraid!) of the ocean buoys you have observed.What a powerful metaphor for life and it’s choices and long-haul patience it requires. Yearnings. Warnings. A benchmark in a storm. It’s main job is to keep a safe harbor. Night after night, day after day. A strong visual to keep sailors safe to return to their families-their wives…their children…their friends…all that they hold dear in this world. Karima sees and understands this is our job in this world….to protect those we hold dear. To guide to safety-literally “safe harbor:.

    Life does indeed bounce us all about willy-nilly and brutally. We have no control over the oceans’ waves and storms.They come and go. we rise and fall and bounce all about. If we believe this was part of a bigger plan….We can be frightened but trust we can return safely. Are we anchored to an unmoving point on the floor like the buoy? It never drifts far from it’s secure tether. Are we tethered? Karima shows how we view this scene from every direction, every point of view. Thru Karima’s eyes we wonder and hope that this safety beacon is secure and will not vanish. Lives will depend on it. Are we secured? Karima asks us this question so poignantly. And artfully. And slyly!

    Such beautiful craftsmanship. Karima just explores new territory with a tender and unblinking eye. Where of where will all this end? Can’t wait to find out. Linc is an island of mystery!

    Thank you yet again, Karima. You go, girl!


  10. Thank you Tube for yet another flowing and beautifully written comment..and yes you are right, I am fascinated with buoys, but interestingly enough..I forgot all about them, until I bought one for LINC Island and sat down one day and watched it bob and sway…the poem was born from that moment of re-encounter.. You have to love SL for allowing these things, bringing a beach and a bay right to our faces without having to travel great distances.. I just went to a machinima festival tonight, and was very humbled,(but also inspired) by the amazing quality and depth of some of the movies that are being produced here in SL.. It is so awesome, and as I have said above, I do want to take classes and learn the how’s and secrets of this great medium. I am only beginning, and I too look forward to where this might lead me as far as combining my poetry and moving visuals..The next frontier is to master garage band and make my own original music, so I will never be “banned in Germany” again *smiles..like with “Too Far For Me”
    Thanks Tube for all your support in so many ways…


  11. missy rothmanay says:

    OH i love how you say the word “bouy”
    b o u e e e
    Say it again as it will not be too many times ever.
    Gosh i have sat in LINC island and watched this little one with his red and white suit ..winking that green light at me and what i thought was seconds turned to many minutes. Somehow reassuring just to see it combat the sea and not once show signs of seasickness.
    Amazing visuals ..so fluid.. my arms are like jelly..barely can type.

    So i’ll just say wow wow and wow


  12. Yes Missy you were a buoy (say bouueee) watcher on LINC from way back..I am so glad you enjoyed the float out to sea with a buoy who imagined he had escaped..along with a certain silly business woman who I think maybe actually did….
    thanks so much for all your great comments


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