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Will Be a Bit Scarce… but Not Absent!

Hello to my friends and readers, I am embarking on a new video journey that has been inspired by my poem, “You Brought The Music” and especially by a comment by our fellow WordPress blogger, Sundaram Chauhan who expressed he … Continue reading

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The Cold Road-A Song with Images

O.K. I am really putting myself out here:)  as this is my singing debut on my blog, YouTube, The Universe. Be kind:) From the moment I wrote this as lyrics on March 15th, I knew I had to sing it…but  … Continue reading

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Buoy In The Night…The Movie!

I present to you all my latest swim (literally) into those dark barely discovered waters (for me that is) of SL machinima and the technique of video capture. This is my second attempt, and I do see an improvement over … Continue reading

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Too Far For Me

I am going to share my first machinima made in Second Life, with all the apologies beforehand, as it is far from perfect, yet I do think it worth sharing. I committed many novice mistakes in filming it, equivalent to … Continue reading

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