Heresy of The Intimate – The Movie!

I know..I’m like a kid with a new bicycle, ever since I was gifted a  screen capture program for making virtual videos ( machinima) This one was not filmed in Second Life, and die-hard Second Lifers please don’t be upset with me. I love Second Life with my heart and soul, but I don’t have a prim left to my name, and I have been able to build and create on an alternative world “Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand” and it has been an amazing personal experience for me. This little video I want to share with you, has my  avatar looking very different from what I am used to, and with no AO except for walking, it made it even hard to film using her, but I attempted to work around that fact. This is also the first time I decided to try my hand at some simple composing on Garage Band, so that I don’t keep getting banned in Germany on YouTube (well one time, for using a Hank William’s song) The wonderful sounds you hear, are all from The Freesound Project, and they are also on my world too. If you want to come visit, I wrote a post see: “Kitely – Where Colored Dreams Go To Rest”  a few posts back, explaining how to do that, and everyone is most welcome. This one is in high quality, so full screen looks great. Enjoy!

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11 Responses to Heresy of The Intimate – The Movie!

  1. Tubeguy/Ron says:

    I just viewed your new “movie”. Amazing work. You are truly a student of Classical Hollywood Cinema! And what a rich history to build on. I like the shot/reshot thing. We can see the gears turning in your head. This gets us closer to you and the images you see and the questions you have in your head. Nice. The walkabout on Kitely reminded me of the tour Walter Pidgeon gave the “savior” space officers in “Forbidden Planet”. He gave them a tour of the whole underground city the Krell had built. It was a “virtual tour” like yours. Similar impact. Striking images. Generated inside someone’s imagination! Maybe your next instrument should be a Theremin.(!)

    I gotta say-I find the eel-ponds creepy. I snorkel and I am pretty leery of Morays. So- eels are not my favorite. But that’s ok. This is your art. Just like scorpions and snakes-they have their place. Good filmakers could always evoke strong passions and emotions with their artistic efforts. That’s their job, I think. You do that well. Motion is more difficult to do this in than still art. Your world becomes a living, moving world we get just a glimpse of. The colors….music…changine images evoke strong feelings. You suceeded! What a painting!!!

    I predict you will become an eminent New-New Age artist for this time. I think your friends will as well. Just astonishing work. You clearly draw inspiration from each other like writers, painters, filmakers, etc have always done. Plus you egg each other on…dare each other to do even more powerful work. And, so it goes. This is a time-honored tradition. Inspiration is contageous!

    Nice work! Always dare to take a chance. To test…push…see how deep the water is….


  2. Ilan Tochner says:

    This is simply stunning Karima. It’s amazing what you’ve created inside Kitely in so little time since you first opened your account.

    Thank you for sharing this, we’re thankful that you are creating such beautiful art inside Kitely 🙂


    • Thank you so much Ilan, for creating an environment where all this (and much more) is possible. Your friendship and your support has been sincerely appreciated.. I hope to keep producing and growing as an active resident on Kitely as well as Second Life..


  3. jan says:

    Oh they just keep getting better! This lil video is so full of grace, beauty and mystery!! And little touches of freaky eels and weirdnesses make it really another world. In fact, here in Kitely you were given an empty sim, and nothing came ready made for you to purchase, etc, like in Second Life…..and just look at the bizarre realm you actually created with your own very fertile imagination, and growing digital skills. I love the lights worn by your avatar….she is like a shining goddess with illumined sensuality and creative genius. Keep on going….brilliant work. Thank you for sharing it!!!


    • Thank you Jan and so glad you could enjoy even the creepy weirdness of it all..Yes my subconscious created this world (not always a benign sweet creator) and although limited by my own building skills, I think a mood has been spread over a stark bare green square, until now it whispers secrets and teases with things still to come. I hope this might just be the first.. a small teaser of something bigger to come…Thank you once again for all your support RL/Sl/ name it..I feel you are always close and on the same wave length.. btw, pretty surprisingI found the haunting sound of one of our(Costa Rican) night birds the “Cuyeo” makes it all that much more real for me.. I wonder what they might be called in English?


  4. “Inspiration is contagious” and your own enthusiasm for my work Tube, also eggs me on, calls me to try always something new, make it better, touch others more deeply. and learn the new knowledge. You are so right, Second Life has become for me like Gertrude Steins Parlor…so many talented people, writers, poets, visual artists, architects…and yes the sharing and the co-inspiring is something I always talk about..and am so thankful for. I live in a small Central American town, with limited cultural activities, and few dedicating themselves to those pursuits, and the virtual world has changed all that for me, and become the major source for my muse to take flight in…Thank you for your faith in me, and I will always try to do my best to touch and entertain, all those who have faith in me too, and like my brand of art.
    Peace to you my friend,


  5. Happiness Merryman says:

    I want to say “dittos” to everything Tube wrote in his Comment, above,
    and add these notes…

    Your Kitely film is dazzling, especially given the constrained palette
    and tools you have to work with. And a wow for your Kitely Avatar.
    You need to be the Poster Girl for Kitely RIGHT NOW.

    And OMG, you are doing music now too! You may be influenced
    by David Lynch, but you are going to be the Karima of Machinima!!!
    It is almost enough to make me want to go and convert to a Mac!

    It is so lovely to see your extraordinary creativity just exploding!
    This is all going to lead to some amazing places. No one is doing
    what you are doing. You are a true trailblazer, and it is a joy
    to watch it happening.

    Hugs, deep bows, appreciations!



    • Thank you Happiness for being with me all along the journey of experimentation and trying new things to share my poetry and imagery. Thank you for your support in every way..I just want to get better and better at all this..What a wonderful new world just opened up to me with the discovery of Virtual Multi-media..and combinations of all the different possibilities..


  6. Karima ! Following my intuition, I visited your blog today and somehow I sensed , what you would show us :). I`m glad, I could get an impression now of this new virtual world, and this first view is pretty tempting ! If you are yet used to Second Life, these amazing scenes reveal a world,even more filled with fantastic objects and possibilities. Your creativity is without limits, as we learned , but now and here, in creating and building , you excel yourself ! All your abilities joined in a huge artwork of imagination, love and dedication . This is self-expression in its highest form.
    Btw. I fell in love with your eels……you mentioned , that they had been easy to build… . it`s hard to imagine 🙂 Everyone seems to have its own personality…..and they are soooo cute !
    Abrazo fuerte ****


    • Smiles at you Isabel..I learned to love the thing I was most afraid of, by “dealing with them” making them, and taking care of them./Still there is that creepy wonderfulness they still evoke for me.I had a great time creating free rein, no neighbors, no guidelines, and no Covenants and 100,000 prims to play with .. I hope to take some real building classes and do some more structures.and I also hope to make a few short films, maybe like a narrated series, using both the Karima from Kitely and Me* smiles(Karima from SL) I am working on the first one of those now, and I have decided to use my own music, just to make the series “more mine” and less subject to copyright problems in the future..All I want to do is create, and with readers and friends like you, I feel even more encouraged to do that. Thank you for your positive feedback on this, my last video:) Abrazos amiga!!


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