“The Two” – Chapter One – Narrated Machinima Prose Series

I happily present my next project, what now follows on the footsteps and fond memories of “The Colored Dreams” graphic prose series. I really am sort of surprised this came into being so quickly, as I thought I would wander and amble without any literary direction for awhile, getting used to the let-down, of not having a next chapter keeping me up too late at night and whipping me on. Some creatures, and creations, just ask to be born, and the gestation period gets speeded -up with the baby pushing his own way out on his own time schedule. I have learned to never contradict my muse. If she bears down on me in her own direction, I just let myself be pushed. I went for many years, blocked and unable to write, so this lingers in my anxieties, as I think the fountain might be shut off at any minute, and there is no sane reason to wait..to write, or imagine and just create.
As I have mentioned before, the art form of Machinima is new to me. I lack many of the tools (like a mouse) that would help me make smoother filming etc. but I find this form so exciting, that I am pushing on into it now,on my laptop and keypad, knowing that the tools of the trade will soon follow, but they are not the most important thing; the joy of creating something new and learning, and having fun doing it is. I am composing my own off-beat scores on Garage Band, playing my keypad like a keyboard and actually getting used to it. I do play piano in RL( more or less), so the music end of it is really catching my interest. In the end, may it be enjoyable for you, my friends and readers. I leave you now to see “The Two” and hope you will be intrigued enough, to get caught up in this new series. It is uploaded in good resolution, so please enjoy it in full-screen. The plot as I wrote in YouTube is basically:
“… where Karima, living her life of luxury on LINC Island, has a vision, a haunting, by a solitary girl, on a far away world, that has somehow intersected her own in a flash of lightening, and a strident clap of thunder..for reasons to be revealed…
Filmed in Second Life and Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand

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18 Responses to “The Two” – Chapter One – Narrated Machinima Prose Series

  1. Ilan Tochner says:

    Hi Karima,

    It’s beautiful as always, and a nice combination of SL and Kitely.

    I’m looking forward to the next chapter.


    • Thanks Ilan, and having so much fun filming on Kitely too. I will have to build “new sets” as the story progresses, and this is a fun part too. Thank you for your positive feedback..and stay-tuned for the next one


  2. Sannctuary says:

    Hi Karima a wonderful intimate and personal exploration, As in this and all of your fim works I love the way you zoom in on the smaller areas something bobbing up and down on a wave, the corner edge of a floating diaphenous curtain, close ups of wild and fascinating alien life, to mention a few , these peeks into the micro world are right on the pulse and are windows into the next part of the story , Your voice deep and mellifluous carries us on the tides of an ever meandering journey
    together with your incredible new medium , it is entirely captivating , i find myself walking behind you walking behind her, I Thank you


  3. Thank you Sanne for this great comment. I hope to be able to entice you so that you send me IMs saying “Ok when is the next chapter coming out?” As humans we love to be put to hang out on cliffs, but demand to be well compensated in the end.. I hope to do both for you and anyone who follows this story. Thank you for being one who has always “gotten” what I do:)


  4. It`s always like getting a new gift, when I enter your blog or your youtube- channel !!
    The same exitement , the same desire to see, what I got, to experience, what you created……for yourself and for us ***
    I`m stunned….the speed, in which you develop new abilities, focus on new topics and transform it into new media is breathtaking.. I love this metaphorical separation into two personalities….it gives so much room for brandnew experiences ! And as always ( if your muse needs it, big smile ) I`m calling : Keep on going, dear friend !!


  5. Aww Isabel..thank you…Yes this is a fun and ambitious project but I am loving it and I hope to cfreate some great chapters in a good storyline..Thank you once again for your “apoyo” and yes your gentle nudges are needed at times..:) So nudge away.. if I am taking too long. Abrazos amiga xxx


  6. menubar says:

    Ah, another great Karima video!

    Your original music composition lends greater atmospheric control to your video. Great job! Hoping you’ll incorporate your original music into your live shows soon.


  7. happiness says:

    Total WOW! While I am always dazzled by your words and images, the music that you are creatinghas a life of its own. Splendid! MORE! Hugs from Happiness


  8. Richard A Goldberg says:

    Great storytelling. I love how you are jumping into machinima for helping you get the story out. Genius. Also looking forward to the next chapter of your travels though you subconscious landscapes.



  9. Thanks RAG for leaving your positive comment and so glad you approve of the next stage, the moving silent picture stage..Who knows, maybe someday with some help I can move into talking pictures *smiles..This has been a great learning experience, lots of work, but in the end, personally rewarding.as I never thought I would be doing Any of this a year ago:).


  10. Maria Vought says:

    I am chuckling to myself remembering a conversation we had recently about your muse and I said it would morph and you’d find a new route. *Wags a finger* “See? I am right sometimes”

    What a priviledge to be part of another incredible adventure with you sis. I am so excited to see where we go this time


    • You are right a lot Sis!! smiling..yes well there always lingers that uncertainty if the creative well still has something in it:) I am so glad you are part of this, and soon I might pull you into taking even more of a part..( shhhh spoilers) .Stay Tuned..


  11. missy rothmanay says:

    Things which you make seem effortless here … we may not even realize just how much thought and work and care went into them to make them appear so. Volumes and volumes.

    I too love the macro details and close ups of things that would not come into view but you draw us in to see and linger there till the eye can take in as much as is possible. And when you your mouth dropped below the water line… i swear i held my breath as you gasped for air.

    Gets in the line behind that tall and gorgeous bella Sannctuary with my non tip tappety shoes i follow with anticipation.


  12. Smiling so much, yes Missy.. Sanne jumped in ahead of you:) Truthfully, it is a lot of sometimes laborious work but always with that love glow shining on the edges, so it starts seeming effortless to me too.. I am enjoying this, and as my friend Chrome pointed it, it was a logical progression from when I began to put music to my reading voice for poetry, then added images on stage and also in the Colored Dreams.so yes it was all leading up to “Moving pictures” Each one is a new challenge and a new experience for me..Glad that those who have liked them are following them as they are born:) It makes it all worth while..


  13. Well, Miss Karima does it again! Just gorgeous, compelling images. It’s a good thing you have two playgrounds to play in! You need at least two. For your complex vision of feelings and ideas. The effects are really creative and….again…compelling. We follow you in your dual walks thru maybe…parallel worlds? Light and dark, known and unknown? Lucious and foreboding? Who is this second? A haunting? A reflection of an alternate self? and…who is stalking whom?

    The original music and original visions and original artwork. it would take a full Disney team to do what you can! Such powerful images, powerful feelings. Your keen eye and infinite curiousity to understand is unblinking and more than a little unnerving. The quest to explore self can be frightening and more than a little unsettling. Can’t wait for next instalment! I gotta say-the eels creep me out. After living in South East Asia for a time, wiggling things under my bed unnerve me more than a little bit.

    Terrific,creative, amazing work and a fine effort! Wow.


    • I know Tube, they creep me out too, believe me, but they are there for a reason, which hopefully will be explored and explained .. I am so pleased you like the beginning of this series, and I hope to keep you guessing and following it for many chapters more.. I still need better tools (a navigator mouse for one) but for now I am working around that by some editing to smooth it out a bit. and help make it flow. This is a total learning process for me too,so things I try just might not work…I have to try though and see.. That’s sort of how I am..I hoped you will enjoy all of them, and look forward to your comments.and your interesting point of view..always Thanks again for taking the time to leave me your impressions..


  14. You have such a beautiful voice, Karima! You could make a bundle doing voice-overs.

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    • Awww thank you Dawn…I have done a few voice-overs for commercial purposes, but never had the ambition I guess.. I can’t believe you found the Two!! Well I hope you enjoy it and understand I was just stating out to make machinimas,,,I do hope you will watch it to the end Chapter 13)..and let me know what you thought:) Thank you for re-discovering me in my blog:)

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