Before The Uncreation – The Movie!

In Second Life I think we are blessed with a greater number of happy coincidences, moments of serendipity, and just plain old good timing, that sets the wheels and gears turning towards lasting friendships, walks down the virtual aisles to partnerships, or marriages, and my personal favorite; mutual inspiration in the arts. I think I have shared on this blog, many paintings, that have inspired my poetry, and even  an entire sim that was the catalyst for a prolonged prose narrative.
In one of those happy coincidental moments we never plan, I met Emperor Nobilis after one of  my poetry readings, and a few minutes later we discovered we had something very much in common, the TV series “Dr. Who.” A few days later he took me for a ride on his TARDIS. Little did I know then, that one of my poems I had recited had struck a chord with him, and today, a few months later, I share the final product with you all. Emperor, also known as ” Salsaman 321″ made the video you will see and used the track I had recorded at one of my recitals to the music of Elvis Presley, “Love Me Tender” sung by Nicholas Cage. So I am pleased to present to you “Before The Uncreation” The Movie by Emperor Nobilis (Salsaman 321) inspired by my poem. I think he did an excellent job of capturing the feeling of the final reshuffling of the cosmos. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Before The Uncreation – The Movie!

  1. very interesting poem was a pleasure to read from kevin in hampshire uk


  2. happiness says:

    Hi Kari: This is very powerful. and the tensions created between the words of your poem, the images in the background, and the classic “Love Me Tender” are a beautiful synthesis of images and deeper meanings. Bravo, yet once again! Deep bows and appreciations!


  3. Yes I think salsaman did a great job with his imagery in the video, and the ticking clock of course is a constant reminder..Thanks so much for your comment Happiness..and curtsies back in my appreciation of your support and feedback


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