“The Two” – Chapter Two – Narrated Machinima Prose Series

I’m proud to offer you the second installment in my new series “The Two.”
As in Chapter One, I composed the music that plays behind my voice. I hope you enjoy this latest Garage Band original “Sound track” (all 5 minutes of it) and the movie (which is quite action packed this episode) “Shhh… Spoilers!” Better just push play on YouTube and see for yourselves.
This Chapter was once again filmed in;
Second Life and Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand.
I want to give a special thanks to Menubar Memorial for his “particle trickery” that allowed a certain alien apparition to appear in Second Life. The Video is in high resolution so play it full-screen if you are so inclined and hopefully….


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10 Responses to “The Two” – Chapter Two – Narrated Machinima Prose Series

  1. menubar says:

    Wow, nice Karima! Cool to see you experimenting with so many different techniques!


    • Thanks Menubar, so much fun putting these little episodes together and your Meditation Ball and your particle statue were featured heavily in the production.
      I couldn’t have made it without them,!! Thanks again for your wonderful support


  2. Karima fighting – that`s surprisingly unusual, but shows how deep her vision entered into her conscience….I can`t forget the expression in the eyes of her Alter Ego – girl…. so pleading, so soft and innocent. Extraordinary tecnical tricks this time ! It`s amazing , how fast your skills develop !
    And now you even compose your own music !!
    Wonderful work – I could watch over and over 🙂
    Besitos de tu fiel aficionada ***


  3. Gracias y mil gracias para mi fiel aficionada y amiga:) Yes Karima was having some serious projections and her visionary visitor is a blank canvas to paint all her fears upon. Stay tuned for Chapter Three to see how it unfolds..:) and thank you Isa for diving into my stories no matter what form they might take..besos y abrazos..


  4. jan says:

    Oh Karima…. another fascinating journey for we who eagerly follow you!! I love how the two have begun to sense each other…and how the powerful, fierce warrior comes out of sweet S.L. Karima’s serene idealized gentle realms of flowers, art, beauty, love and perfection. Wonderful and deep beginning…this drama arising and whatever resolution between the two obviously has to be profound…as Karima meets this “blank canvas”(your words)…and experiences her projections externally where she can observe them…act and react…..an adventure within the inner realms we all have to live with. I am already identifying with this…how we all have to face that fearful, dark part of us, and how very difficult and scary it is to do so, and so it has to appear to us in mysterious ways. I can’t wait to see where this goes!! Once again, thank you for sharing what will surely become another masterwork…even with your own music this time…wow…Karima you do surprise and delight with a creative genius that continues to unfold and expand!!!!!!


  5. Yes:) not all is gentle gestures and contemplative serenity inside that pampered island -dwelling Karima. Blank canvases can bring out the best and the worst of us as we throw our own deep paints and fears onto it..but then maybe that vision is real and physical.. and relentless in pursuing her for…..what reason? Stay Tuned:) Thank you for being such a loving follower of my creative bursts, and plots that thicken until they boil. It’s wonderful to invent for appreciative audiences like you Jan..and other loyal followers too:)


  6. coyoteprime says:

    Kari, brilliant, simply brilliant! And such a twist, as you say! Wonderful work, indeed…


  7. Thank you so much Coyote for visiting my blog. So glad you enjoyed my second installment. I hope to keep it going, and maybe a few more twists ahead too:)


  8. My goodness! Someone has been see too much film noir! Karima donning a war suit. Yikes! Will the world ever be the same. Powerful images. very nice visual images and music. You are never afraid to walk the edges and challenge the comfortable. Where will this go? Seems as a literal visual of our own submerged and maybe long-hidden desires…and fears. The early lightning was the precursor to “its gonna be a bumpy night”……Maybe Miss Scarlett has a hidden monster from Dr. Morbius’ world just waiting to spring….

    Beautiful and very unsettling. I gotta see what’s coming up……Nice work. How does Karima sleep at night? Pretty dark stuff. Again…with the eels? Now I’ll have nightmares……


    • Ahh yes those unsettling monsters that are so hard to keep hidden! Who knows what may emerge? I have seen a lot of dark-as-night films it’s true, and no secret that i admire and have seen everything by David Lynch…and that I read and adored Poe when I was 11..so expect anything from me in the machinima medium.. hehe Thank you for this great comment..so much fun to read


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