“The Two” – Chapter Three – A Narrated Machinima Story

 I am presenting chapter three of my serial-video storytelling tale “The Two” hot off the YouTube uploads. If you are following the story, I hope you will find this new one interesting and entertaining. This is an on-going learning experience for me personally, besides being lots of fun, and challenging. The more I get into it, and the more I see other machinimas of much better quality, I see I am limited a bit by bandwidth, tools, and even my machine. Thirza Ember on her blog, SL®ArtsParks, gave me a generous nod, including me in the list of people who are making machinimas in Second Life. I must say, I was totally humbled by some of them, especially the “The Bee Myth” by Celestial Elf, or Chantal Harvey’s “Dreams We Live.” You Can check out her article and some of the better -made machinimas here at SL® ArtsParks
I hope you will like this latest episode of mine, and feedback is welcome. The movie is in high quality so you can watch it in full-screen and hopefully…Enjoy!

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14 Responses to “The Two” – Chapter Three – A Narrated Machinima Story

  1. What a great story you have been weaving! The combination of the two worlds is a great touch, and this latest entry gives an interesting new twist at the end. Look forward to the next!


  2. Ahh thank you kindly Mr. Polke..So glad you were otterly caught up in it and wait for more..I promise to provide…soon


  3. happiness says:

    Dittos on all of my praise to date! In this one, your use of layered transparent textures is lovely and gives beautiful depth to the film. And your music!!!! WOW! You are emerging as a formidable auteur, my Dear! Onward! Hugs from Happiness


    • Thank you Happiness, for following my new “locura” and for always being so supportive of my off-beat brand of writing. Yes the music is so much fun. I am learning to play a “mean keypad” and just really enjoying this new part of the production:) Hugs to you Kari.


  4. Drafts a warrant for your arrest… for the ‘assault’ on all my senses (MERCY!). I was forewarned that when I went to catch up on all that you are fashioning in this fantastic endeavor, that I should look in some particular order. Of course, I iggied all that and dove in head first. Now, giddy…dizzy…enchanted… and so very VERY proud and delighted to see your expeditious (goodness, you learn FAST) growth in cinematography and now the addition of original music (WOW)! Without a doubt, my beautiful Karima, you have deeply fallen into the Ku-coo’s nest of your own *genius* unleashed (smiles). Bail will be set at a gazillion trillion $$, which you may borrow in credit from your adoring audience. Keep feeding us the joy of your creativity and one day… you just may be ‘freed’ (smilessss). Love you deeply, dearly and am honored to be among the witnesses viewing your incredible creative journeys!


  5. Oh… Oh…. I actually want to plead guilty..if I had that effect on you !! So glad you have let yourself be taken in by The Two. This is so different from my Colored Dream Series, and in many ways although shorter chapters, more challenging.. but I am letting it take me where it wants to.. I love the crazy tangent your mind went on in this comment Sis.hehe I think I really got to you!! Adore you and thanks for your continual support always..Yes Cucoo Cucoo..I carry on into the next unpredictable (even by me:) installments:) Hugs Sis


  6. menubar says:

    Wow – very moody, very cool. Great atmosphere.


  7. Hoyt Heron says:

    As always, your work is commendable. You weave a story like no other. Story telling is the most ancient and the standout of all cultures. You do a remarkable job of envoking Freud’s Id and Ego into your works. Knowing you, I believe none of this is accidental. You are a brilliant poet and writer. All who come in contact with you have been blessed.


  8. Thank you so much Hoyt for your belief in me in the areas of writing and narrating..You have given me so much more confidence since I first began timidly showing you my poetry…over three years now..amazing!! Thank you for being there and being here still..I too am blessed to have so many friends..and people who enjoy what I am doing and try to do….


  9. The speed, in which your story and your abilities develop, is breathtaking. Every new try, every new outcome is growing in subtlety and skills…..really amazing! But besides the tecnical issues, it`s the story over all ! And I agree with Hoyt – nothing, you show us, is accidental **** And exactly this reason explains, why your readers are soo deeply moved by your work 🙂
    And the blessing – thing ……I can confirm this absolutely, big smile ….


  10. Aww thank you Isabel..You are one of my most loyal readers and immersive followers of these tales..I love to get your comments, as I know you always expect each one to be as good or better than the last..You drive me to try to do that too..It’s not always possible, but certainly with readers and friends like you, I am emcouraged to do my best to achieve that sort of standard . You keep me on my toes:) abrazos amiga


  11. Good Grief, girl. Where does all this come from? Even Dante wouldn’t come here! Powerful contrasts everywhere. Some say rage is not lady-like. I say-both men and women need to access the full range of creation, emotion and all that entails. The good…the bad….and the eels and snakes…
    Karima is a real person. Eels and all. There are powerful fears underlaying this story. It takes supreme courage to explore this. Are we to fear who Karima really is? Or is she a shining example of the full range of hopes, dreams, fears, contradictions, any real person is and has the heart to show us? Gulp…..
    Fine, amazing, courageous work! Yikes!!


    • The Karima/Karimas of the story I think are very real.I learned in my 20’s that no one is as good or as bad as you can imagine them. All of us are somewhere in between, but our imaginations are so powerful, we can turn an innocuous turnip into an atom bomb without much effort. In all hauntings, and witchcraft I am pretty sure our own minds work upon us about 98% of that..the other two percent ? well there are things we don’t really understand and they are in that category. The story falls into both of the. Stay tuned and thanks again for your comment Tube.


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