Potencia de La Poesía ~ Power of Poetry

Potencía de La Poesía (Power of Poetry) by Isabel Hermano

Potencia de La Poesía

for Isabel Hermano, the artist, who painted this one as a gift for me

Recited to the music of David Darling,”Sweet River”

When just a little choice makes everything so different
we might not even notice… at the time,
a meeting, a glance , a smell that draws us to an open doorway,
all of a sudden
the world shifts slightly on its brand new axis,
new roads push themselves up, out of the ground,
trails never walked upon, display their virgin paths for us to walk along.
We find we have flown miles and left the ruins behind,
and everything is new and opening into a sunrise
We say hello. We cross a street. We leave a job behind.
We find a word and lose our minds on starry nights of sighs.
We embrace it all and weep just because the beauty or the sadness fills our eyes,
or maybe we  pick up the phone, to hear a heart-felt laugh, or a panicked  desperate cry
then… all is changed forever after.

We step inside a painting, and swoon on poetic swings
that fly us high beyond the moon
or we just say “snap” in recognition that our brains are now aligned.  
We walk across the desert sands holding self-replenishing water in our hands,
and if we say yes to the offerings given where highways twist and bend,
or close our eyes, listening to that weakest voice,which actually knows
our history from the beginning to the end

and grab hold of the chance presented, without  ever questioning why or when,
then… we open them again…and
Oh Surprise! We see we’ve  changed.
This is no arcane magic or hidden trickery from futuristic memories
that brings us subtle riches, and directions for our hearts to see.

The power of  words for change is heard and is felt in the answering “Yes,”

because each yes, is a treasure map that if we do follow and trust,
will lead us always, to where we are supposed to be.

Karima Hoisan
August 17, 2011
San Isidro, Costa Rica

*please see author’s comment below

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7 Responses to Potencia de La Poesía ~ Power of Poetry

  1. Isabel Hermano, from the first day she was presented to me, captured my heart as her friend, and also as a big admirer of her visual art. I have written several posts for her on my blog, and several poems for her,and each one has come from feeling truly moved by her own art. She painted this painting for me, and to be honest, this is the first time I have ever received such a gift, and I was both ecstatically pleased, and also inspired by her beautiful gift. As with all Ekphrastic poetry, this is what I saw inside, and I hope that she, as well as you all, enjoy the poem it produced.
    I will list the other posts I wrote for her here below, and also the slurl where you can go to see her gallery, and her permanent works.. I recommend you see them all.
    Thank you Isabel for this unique and cherished gift. It is very special for me.
    Her gallery is here: “Happy Chaos Gallery http://slurl.com/secondlife/Madeley/170/132/22
    Other posts on Isabel are the following:
    Renacimiento ~ Rebirth https://karimahoisan.wordpress.com/2011/03/11/renacimiento-re-birth/
    Nippon https://karimahoisan.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/nippon/
    From SL TO RL with Love for Japan https://karimahoisan.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/from-sl-to-rl-with-love-for-japan/


  2. Dearest Karima !
    You turned a simple painting into a splendid total work of art and with deep gratitude and joy I receive and accept this precious gift from you. It means a lot to me, as you know 🙂 Among your countless skills, which I adore, since we met, you have a special talent : You bring out the very best in each of us ,**** And this is the true blessing….
    Your words come right out of your heart and soul and, how strange this may sound, but it is true – I can sense them as if they were my very own….This goes beyond mere interpretation !
    I feel more than honoured, in a solemn and unique manner ****
    Muchissimas gracias, amiga de mi alma !


  3. Truly the pleasure was all mine..Your painting subtly, in a few phrases and some well -placed color changes and brush strokes, set my poetic mind wandering through deserts, and Fall paths..all leading to a new poem:) Thank you for sharing your talent with us Isabel, and for your wonderful generous and collaborative friendship..Un abrazo fuerte mi amiga del alma


  4. missy rothmanay says:

    When two leading lights come together…the light grows warmer and shows new colours never seen before.

    Stands in this light beautiful light.
    Thank you both.
    Congratulations to you both.


  5. Thank you Missy for your own inspired words..This is one of the things I most love about SL and and it always amazes me too. There is so much here to get inspired about!


  6. Sweet. Yes, two sparkling lights are brighter than one. A truckload of gold cannot equal a gift from the heart. Gorgeous work of incredible integrity from two amazing artists. Just amazing. This captures words writers have sought to lasso for centuries. Just, sweet.


    • Aww thank you Tube. Isabel is an artist who I “get” instantly. I love her work. This gift of hers was such a surprise and so meaningful to me, as this is the first time something like this came about;my poetry spontaneously inspiring a painting. She is sending me the actual canvas by the way and I will hang it in my bedroom. Viva SL collaboration and sharing Viva!


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