“The Two” – Chapter Six – A Narrated Machinima Story

Well I guess I am not in total control of what my muse has in store for me. According to me, I was going to take a small break and just write some poetry and put away my video camera  for a little vacation from making these chapters, but it seems my muse has a stubborn mind of her own, and so I present to you Chapter Six of “The Two”
I am not really complaining, I am enjoying this process so much, and even though I am on a laptop and with no mouse, I still feel I can get the mood she wants across. I keep asking her (my muse) for some better tools, but as yet she is not obliging me in that…but there is hope. Anyway, I have uploaded this one in Full Quality, so crank  up the sound and see it in full-screen. As with all the others, I am a one-woman production team, and am doing the original music scores using Garage Band, loops and playing instruments on my keypad. Once again, this one features the painting of my RL friend Jan Betts, see last Chapter’s link and a bit more about it and the artist here: “The Two” – Chapter Five
For those who are interested in seeing the whole series (there are 6 episodes now) please see my category “The Two” for a list of them all. So here is what my muse had me doing for the last few days, and I hope you will all be entertained and Enjoy!

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8 Responses to “The Two” – Chapter Six – A Narrated Machinima Story

  1. jan says:

    Wooaaooo Karima….this series is really taking us profoundly into the inner being of a person! Movement and rumble as the inner self struggles with the thoughts and feelings triggered by this encounter with the other…. dancing, the drums….. Sensual, a passion to dive deep, but fear to face what is there.. as she swirls thoughts, torments, illusions and inner wanderings growing ever deeper , the calling of something mysterious, terrifying yet impossible to resist, coming from way deep inside of her, being played out in this “The Two”… two vastly different worlds…….and now the Painting!! My painting “Alien Chrysalis” appears, that was inspired by The Intimate in your “Colored Dream Series”….(an extraordinary masterpiece which totally blew me away)…..has entered into this inner tango, adding to the mystery…i find myself being enchanted by her inner dive, the music and the drums, ( and your video and original music work is really growing )… i wonder what will come of where she is going…how it wll resolve…if it will resolve…can it resolve???!!!! Karima i love how you are letting this take you….Your Muse is certainly having her way with you to our benefit, for those of us who follow you and your ever more amazing offerings born of a delightful creative genius!!! I am honored that you used the painting….it draws me even further into this inner dive to the center of…..something….


  2. Thank you Jan for your wonderfully perceptive comment. ..I think I will still keep the verdict up in the air for a few episodes more, if this is just her own inner struggles and thoughts, or if there might be something perhaps harder to explain going on. In any case your painting is figuring in as a key piece, and I want to thank you publicly once again here, for allowing me to use it. This whole series has been another creative process like “The Colored Dreams” and an incredible rush of trying to catch up to my own ideas, and get them somehow into an edited machinima that captures the feeling I am trying to work with. In some ways, writing out 35 minutes in a narrative is easier than trying to capture it all in a monologue that only lasts at the most 6 minutes.It is a challenge, but the series is a good medium for hints too.so if you catch those, each consecutive chapter will make more sense, and of course if you have read The Colored Dreams, you will be able to see the story begin to unfold in a much deeper way than you if you hadn’t…but hopefully it will stand on its own too. Thanks once again for your very in-depth perceptions..knowing you, well I expect nothing less *smiles..


  3. Hoyt Heron says:

    As Jan says, “Your Muse is certainly having her way.” I love your 1950’s, Greenwich Village, beatnik persona. The movement…the sound…the voice…Very well choreographed. I am looking forward to more of The Two. Keep on keeping the beat Karima!


  4. Wow Hoyt I didn’t even know I had a persona like that..smiling..I think it’s something my muse had put away in her attic, and brought out for this episode.. Sí Señor!! I will try to stay on top of the beat..no matter what changes it might make…stay tuned and thanks so much for enjoying the series


  5. Hmmmmm………Interesting weaving of painting and Karima’s tortured-soul slipping and sliding down into the abyss of….what? Jan’s painting suggests endless motion and animal-lithe movement towards balance. Ultimately harmony from utter chaos. Resolve from cataclysm. Karima’s shadow clearly doesn’t play nice. Who is this seducer? This bad girl I was warned not to play with? Some Freudian image from old nightmares? Some whacko that plays with snakes?

    Poised serpents represent very deep, very profound human fears. The feeling of danger far exceeds their actual danger-which can certainly be real. But-the fear is much bigger. That is a serious snake! As a GI stationed in South East Asia for a time, I have stepped around cobras just to go to the bathroom. Snakes must have an internal terror for Karima’s character that pushes some very old, very strong buttons. An experience? the stark terror is real. What is the deep, dark mystery?

    I reckon we will find out. If I don’t get weirded on the snakes before the tale ends. So the snake fear is intertwined with some person or event? Are they the same? I suppose poor Karima will have to explore this terror. And I suppose i will have to watch holding my bear Pookie in front of me to protect me. I really don’t like snakes. Descents into the cavernous spider webby pits of human fears I can manage, though. gulp. Next reel, please??



  6. As always Tube, your comments just tickle my imagination, open my own sensory images, and I see everything sort of changed, in a new light.I so enjoy this process by the way:) I do know your own trauma about snakes, and I don’t think they will be so “in your face” in the coming episodes..but I can’t be sure either..stories like this in series, begin to write themselves, sometimes with the poor writer feebly protesting the direction it is taking..and feeling total impotence to stop it..like watching a locked parked car suddenly roll slowly toward a cliff… But yes I hope you feel it resolve little by little in the coming chapters.For those who read the Colored Dreams it might even be more significant.. With an audience like you,, even hiding behind “Pookie” I just really get inspired to take you for the long ride back to home:) I so hope you enjoy the ones still to be born. I am struggling with #7 now..maybe because I have food in my stomach (end of Ramadan) I am not thinking so quickly.but am struggling with the music.I really want it right and so far its’ not quite there.. but I am confident it will pop into view when I am not even thinking much about it..as I find the best things do in any creative process. Thank you for all your wise and unique feedback along the way..It is much appreciated..as I think you know..


  7. You are brilliantly insane, Sissy (smiles). I love seeing how you mesh interpretation with your unique imagination to create stunning machinima productions. Myself being an avid admirer of you and the art of filming along with anything 3D, I always have to watch at least twice because I get enraptured in technique…”how the heck did she do that?”, then have to start over to get the full story (lol). Keeps tuning in to see you ‘in the zone’, and enjoying every minute 🙂 *Applause*


  8. “Brilliantly insane” seems to run like wild-fire through our SL genes Sis. Aww thank you for your meticulous watching and enjoyment of this series.I hope to keep enthralling you and keep you guessing too… I am such an amateur… but enjoying the making of these films more than I think should be allowed.as MenuBar says, “If it makes you feel that good, soon it will become illegal.” Well in this case, I hope he is wrong Thank you for all your continual support Sis:)


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