“The Two” – Chapter Five

Once again happy to present the latest Chapter in my on-going machinima series entitled “The Two” I think this episode is quite different from the last, or the first ones for that matter. As the story progresses, the moods change, sometimes abruptly, and all changes with them; styles, music, and scenes.
I would like to point out two details of this latest offering: One is that this is the first time I have used another avatar with me, as I have been sort of a hand- held camera film crew of one (mostly by necessity). My SL sister Maria Vought makes her “acting debut” in this chapter, and the beautiful grounds that we ride over, and lounge upon, are all part of her very special and romantically peaceful sim,  “Natural Wilderness”  It is beautiful, and very popular, but you can always find secluded quiet spots to enjoy with a date or a friend.
The other feature is that I use the image of an RL artist, Jan Betts, who is my dear RL friend,  lives in my town in Costa Rica, and gave me permisison to use it, both for this movie and in my gallery in SL. The painting is entitled “Alien Chrysalis” and you can read more about it on Jan’s blog “The process of creating a painting” and  explore her beautiful gallery too at  JanBettsArt   Interestingly, the idea for this painting, was energized even more by Jan’s very deep relating to my stories “The Colored Dreams” She has been into “orbs” most of her life, but I think reading my series made her even “more passionate” about them. Anyway, I am very pleased to use it in the video, and I thank her for allowing me to. As are all the others, this machinima is filmed in both Second Life and Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand
For those of you who may not have seen the previous ones, as it is a series, I recommend  seeing them from the beginning, so they make a bit more sense. You can find them all in ascending order, the first on the bottom under the category “The Two.”  The YouTube is in high quality, so you can view it in full-screen if you like and hopefully…..Enjoy!
I am going to take a little breather after this one, and just wander around, and write some poetry for awhile, but this series continues until….The End.

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14 Responses to “The Two” – Chapter Five

  1. I want to add an important footnote to this Chapter. One of the reasons that “parallel-world gift giving” was possible in this last episode, is this site http://www.lindakellie.com/ and also Imprudence viewer that makes it possible to upload full perm objects into any world. I want to thank Linda so much for making these animations and Clothing and Everything available to us free of charge. It makes projects like my own that are filmed in two virtual worlds possible.


  2. rag randt says:

    The tone of the piece put a smile on my face too.


  3. Aww thanks Rag..yes it is a mellow interlude..glad it put a smile on your face too


  4. menubar says:

    Another great chapter! Can’t wait to see what you do next, Karima. Enjoy your impassioned musings!


  5. Finally…Karima smiles! A good sign!
    The interplay between the two characters was really nice. Animation very natural and very real. The words.. the visuals….the music… powerful storytelling. And…yes, two people from very different worlds can indeed find collaboration and common touchpoints. Finally-a ray of hope! It is great seeing you work as collaborators in a common artistic venture with other artists and friends. Forget death-rays from a distant planet. This is real power here and now. Bravissimo!


    • Thank you Tube..and thanks for catching up on my series and reviewing all of them. You know how much I enjoy your feedback and you very unique way of seeing what it is I do. This was a fun one for me too and I smiled at the end myself. Very pleased to use this RL painting, and my SL sister Maria’s great “acting skills” and her beautiful sim. It did all seem to come together..Yes when there is volition even the barrier of alien worlds falls down and can be traversed and explored, and enjoyed.


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Miss Karima,
    I believe this was your best filming endeavor as yet. You are already a master story teller and a fabulous poet. I enjoyed your cinematic ride through the flowers on Maria’s land. Also your addition of the fabulous Jan Betts painting. Your far-away sounding reading voice was captivating. I hung on every word. Your talent is boundless. You are a treasure. Please continue to create. You are so gifted.


    • Big smiles..thank you Hoyt for all these great superlatives. I am so pleased you enjoyed this one and are following the saga closely. I think I lied on my last one as I said I would do “something else” for awhile, but I found out later, my muse likes this series and so am finishing up #6 now. Stay tuned and thank you again for all your support and feedback


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  8. Aaahhhh…. being familiar with Maria’s ‘Natural Wilderness’ sim made this episode even more endearing. You are quite a natural yourself (not to be confused with naturist, tho I have my suspicions, lol). It just dawned on me how interesting it is that you have found near equal uses for enjoying both worlds, when most would forgo one over another. I love all that you do!


  9. Thanks Sis..and no haha I haven’t gone the naturist route yet..not even in SL..yes Maria’s sim is so beautiful and perfect to take a soothing ride on.Oh yes I will never give up SL.but Kitely has and is a wonderful experience for me, nudging me in the building 3D creating mode, I have never really gotten in to..Ohh and I get even more inspired by your great and positive comments..Stay tuned for the next chapter..xxx


  10. missy rothmanay says:

    Just like you go to places which give you sanctuary …so do we come to your world here and your words for the very same reason.

    Thank you for such a lovely warm feelings


  11. Thank you more missy for so enjoying exploring and going into the strange places my story has taken you..It was about time she had a nice pleasant day in the country..I’m glad you went along too:)


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