The Two – Chapter Seven – A Narrated Machinima Story

I admit that I have struggled with this one. I blamed it on the fact I wasn’t as fast because I had stopped fasting..but that logic probably wasn’t very scientific. I had a problem with the music. It almost came, and then it wasn’t right. I struggled days on that. I shoot many clips around a rough outline of what the chapter will be, but if I don’t have the music right, I can’t put it all together. It’s just my odd way of doing things, music comes first and if it is hung up…so am I.  Anyway, all of a sudden it fell into place and I breathed a big sigh and upped the latest labor of love to YouTube. I want to give a little extra credit to a few people and sites I have omitted to mention in each Chapter but whose own creativity features in my videos. In this latest, I was given a file by my friend Emperor, of many clips created by Scott Draves and The Electric Sheep
and I used some of the original art designs in the making of my machinima. In the last few chapters, I have used MenuBar’s Contemplation Orb  for the dream-like psychedelic effects which can be found on his fun sim to visit,
WaterMoon Breeze.
Most of the sound effects, if not from my Garage Band are from “The Free Sound Project.”
I hope you enjoy this latest episode, and don’t look too closely at the badly aligned seams on the Kitely Set I had to build in Second Life to shoot The SL Karima there. The logistics were a bit beyond my expertise or capabilities, but as Karima herself says, it “was all done with mirrors and panels.” For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see all the other chapters that come before this one, I have made a new category here on the blog called “The Two” where you can find them all. The YouTube quality is very good, so please see it in full-screen,
and hopefully good speakers to hear the music that gave me so much trouble, but in the end, seemed to fit. Enjoy!

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12 Responses to The Two – Chapter Seven – A Narrated Machinima Story

  1. Maria Vought says:

    What a great story sis, I am loving how it’s coming together and building into a wonderful denouement. I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the next instalment!



    • Oh thanks Sis…it seems to be writing itself..I just have to learn my lines:) I am so pleased you are enjoying it..and a little hooked too..I promise to try and not disappoint your expectations..big hugs for your support..


  2. jan says:

    Karima…this story is touching something deep. I feel a “grok” of relating to the feeling that you magically impart, taking us into the deepest inner regions….. the struggles that we all know, in more and less defined clarity and varying depths of emotions felt, the inner turmoil we all live with in our own flavors of the dream we imagine as real. Our minds swirl and tremble with our deep caring, loving…and our even deeper fears….which would surely sabotage the Truth from emerging, and construct a seemingly impenetrable wall, which would imprison us safely under its ( fear’s ) control. Karima fights that with the added courage being given to her by…the mysterious voice that has entered her. These chapters of The Two…draw me in…and so beautiful are the visuals and the haunting music from you, not borrowed….and your voice…such a Voice. I am swimming this beautiful energy with you….can’t wait for the next chapter. Karima…your creative outpouring is like a fountain which delivers a profound experience to those who would abandon themselves and surrender themselves to flow with this story. This is Deep Art.


  3. “Deep Art” that is such a compliment coming from you, such a deep artist yourself:) Thank you Jan for your once again inspired words..I feel so happy to know, something I have done in a video story, has been able to spark your own beautiful thought flows.. because when you let it, oh my your words flow like the waters in this chapter’s dream..Yes I too see this unfolding on many different levels, and I at time as I said to Maria, am also a surprised audience..feeling very disconnected by any personal involvement, sort of amazed where this story is leading.Ha! I bet a psychiatrist would have a picnic analyzing what is “really going on” Fountains always pour out more water than we can possibly drink..I am so grateful the creative one given to me is still going strong.Thank you for your always deep insight into my work..and stay tuned…. I think there is more to come:)


  4. Menubar says:

    Love the music and effects! Great stuff, Karima!


  5. Aww thanks Menubar for being a loyal follower and commenter on my series. I am thrilled you are enjoying it as it develops..stay tuned for me..I’m not done yet:)


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Your material is always so substantial and causes one to reflect. You talk of dreams, fate, and alternative lives, and you do it well. The viewer can tell that you have delved into these ideas with more than a passing fancy. I, as Jan does, feel this “grok” ( a concept from Stranger In a Strange Land if my feeble memory serves me correctly). Please continue! At fhis moment your creativity is boundless.


    • Thank you Hoyt and my “feeble mind’ totally passed over your very nice comment until now. So sorry I hadn’t seen this one earlier.. Well as a child living in her dreams half the time, yes I did ponder many of the questions that are coming back up in this video series I am truly running on inspiration as it comes, no full tank outlines and no road map..but I just realized today I am finishing off # 9 in this inspiration does comes if, as Tube says, you just “get out of the way” So glad you are enjoying this alien SL journey:)


  7. Ron/Tubeguy says:

    Amazing work! The artwork is stupendous and breathtaking. Gorgeous! We are wondering who “he” is. And, why was he sent to some remote prison? How does Karima fit into this? 2 major keys to this puzzle are one-Karima was named after her aunt who was killed by the Texas truck and two-the flag with the message about pending doom (I think). Predestination has long been a hot topic of debate and some feel some events are “written in time yet to occur”.

    In reality-ever second is made up of choices unfolding. Being unrolled. Being reconsidered. Being remade, reformed. In truth, the power to create is the power to change our future at any time. It lies within our own hands. We live in a world populated with millions of sentinent beings all making choices and these choices interact with everyone else’s choices, all spinning ’round at the same time. This is why we don’t always get what we ask for.

    It is because another’s choice has altered ours and/or it’s outcome. The results are unpredictable. For those who think “all the future” is already written…..good luck with that….Not true. I don’t know what Karima will find here, but for the rest of us, Our future lies mostly within our own hands. Sure, others’ choices will collide with ours, but, nothing is written in stone, so to speak. The wheel of time constantly turns….and our future with it. We are giving it a spin! I only hope poor Karima can find some answers here. How much grief can one woman take???

    Maybe our mystery man has some answers. I know on a personal level, her aunt’s death left an immense hurt and empty space in Karima. I believe maybe there is some salve here somewhere for Karima. So many of us do have these hurt places in us. Let us see what our battle-lady has up her sleeve.

    Peace and Blessings,


  8. Oh Tube, once again your inspired thoughts, so well presented, born from your impressions and feelings from this chapter, are a wonderful compliment to me, and I take them as such. The “Destiny…It is Written” is such an interesting and debatable topic..I myself, although the verdict is still out in my story, feel that Life moves somewhere in between the two extremes..of unlimited choices and predestination..We can talk about that sometime when you like.. Yes the story leaves much to ponder and wonder about at this point..and it foretells some future moments of combating fears, and traumas..In Chapter Nine, which I just posted tonight, some of the questions you have are answered..and as you read The Colored Dreams, I think you will enjoy this one on a very profound level.Thank you again for your intelligent and interesting and even protective comments.. I feel how closely you relate to the character that struggles,grieves, fears and hopefully will be rewarded in time for all of it.. Thank you Tube for your words and your continual support of me as a writer and a poet..and for just being my friend….


  9. missy rothmanay says:

    woaaah .. this snippet reads 5.41 minutes in duration but why do i feel like its eternal. Just like dreams which dont have a stopwatch or can be measured and can exhaust us.
    Loving the warrior karima in full flight too.. yet feel most tender to the karima without armour who experiences and tries to process all the imgary in her head.

    Outstanding cinematography..truly truly truly


  10. Thank you missy for following this twisting tale, and for feeling that time-warp thing on this chapter..I like this chapter too..I like how she is overwhelmed with meeting the Intimate something she only thought up until that moment, was just a crazy rumor and sort of a family legend that was barely whispered about..I think many families have those stories, maybe not as alien as The Intimate but nonetheless hard to comprehend until put face to face with it..


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