The Two – Chapter Eight – A Narrated Machinima Story

This story appears to be writing itself, on its own time, which to me, the one in charge of producing it, seems to be at break-neck speed. I present to you Chapter Eight, and I will let the video do its own talking and get out of the way, for now and only say, that the story continues on, and this is not the ending, just an ending. There are moments in our lives, when the best plans for attack, are to not engage, but just leave.  I want to give a special thanks to my friend Emperor Nobilis (aka salsaman) who was my “machinimatic” adversary, and who fought well. The original art clips are once again by Scott Draves and The Electric Sheep. There is a category on my home page entitled “The Two” where you can see any of the chapters you might have missed. So, I invite you to view it in full-screen,  good volume and hopefully …Enjoy!

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12 Responses to The Two – Chapter Eight – A Narrated Machinima Story

  1. Sannctuary says:

    Thankyou Karima, It is amazing how stories do write themselves, reaching deeply into us and exposing us without mercy, and yet this visits dark places, with the dreamlike quality you create so well with this medium enabling us to look at the shadows without overwhelming fear and come through sword raised triumphant. I was thinking how wonderful the music is and delighted to find it was your original piece. Lots of movement and interesting as a contrast rythmic and dancing us through the conflict. Your poetry music and machinima all layers beautifully and strategically composed entertain us richly ♥



  2. Thank you Sanne once again for your comment on this series. Yes it wrote itself, and I won’t talk much about the details. just to say that it came fast and furious into being..even the music was born quickly.Machinima is, for a poet who loves and appreciates music and visual art, like the dream medium..If not for SL or any virtual worlds of this nature, how could I ever make these, and even limited with my tools, still have a finished product good enough to share with others? I am so grateful to our virtual worlds for this possibility.It has allowed me to expand in ways I never thought possible..Thanks Sanne for enjoying what comes out as the final product:)


  3. happiness says:

    Karim your music is awesome! I love the way you are using a lot of closeups in this one, and they create powerful and evocative images. The words have great depth and wisdom as well. As Sanne says, the whole collage of words,images and music is superb. I love them all, but in this one, you are moving in on some significant Japanese manga (?) territory, and I see you gaining a worldwide audience. (I say manga, but there may be another word…aha! it is I think anime!)
    Truly marvelous! Appreciations, Happiness


  4. Thank you so much Happiness for your belief in me and my process. I know I can’t compete with Machinima Production Studios and Companies. I am on a very small and humble scale on the rungs of SL Machinima makers, but I do feel that I can offer something, if not totally polished,, something different and I hope to perfect my style, become a better composer, editor and camera woman and let my poetry and prose float over the images.. I do like the close much emotion can be found in the small details, and I love exploring that. Your words of encouragement are most inspirational..Thank you for your warm and wonderful friendship and your constant support.


  5. Ron Holmes/ Tubeguy says:

    Uhhh..yeah. My own wife of 35 years has many dreams of being attacked. I have some experience here. She has endless nights of being chased with guns, swords, bombs, etc. I see a great parallel here. I think it has to do with how women feel threatened by the world…and how they respond. Guys tend to not agonize and go directly towards a physical solution. Automatically. Maybe…instinctively. Am not really certain.

    Women tend to analyze…..consider…balence…evaluate…and then maybe act is a significant sex-role thing. Maybe…hard wiring. I dunno. My own wife is an attorney…and Karima ends up kicking butt (both admirable!). These differences make all the difference, I think, in terms of how we relate to the physical world. Karima is terrified..but ends up effective. Effective here is the operable word. She vanquishes. Great animations! Like a moving pastel watercolor. She would not earn our respect if the opponent wasn’t formidable. He was…and, she did! Nice work! By all!

    There is still some great mystery we have not been told, yet. What is pushing Karima on? My own wife’s dreams have been much like Karima’s. Fights to the death. Gory. No holds barred.
    I am at a loss to really understand both of these people I care about. This level of violence. So, for me…when I understand Karima’s point of view…I will better understand my own wife. Maybe this strife is common in women-I have no clue. But, what Karima divulges will help me understand the dynamics in my own life. And, good friends, that is the point here. This is serious life stuff here. Not some mere amusement. Real life. Life and death.

    So- I will stay tuned. For me-this all hits close to home. I really need to understand why Karima has these battles in her dreams. Maybe many do the same. I want to know why all this happens. I think Karima has some answers for us. She’s doing the work…we get to sit back and reap the rewards of her labors….Price is feeling her pain…her uncertainty. She is writing checks for all of us. Thank you Karima! You carry so many on your shoulders! (no pressure!)

    Peace and Blessings


    • Hi Tube,
      thank you for these great musings and speculations, and anecdotes you always share with me/with us, after watching one of my videos. or reading a poem or a new chapter..It makes me so happy, as I mentioned also to Jan, to know something I have created has started others in their own thought flows..I think that is the very best part of making these little films or writing my stories and be honest. I find connecting with others through a common bond brought up and out by some art form to be almost miraculous..We humans love to find common ground, and remember our own scenes to relate to ones others are producing..In a way it is like you once said, the sitting around the campfire sharing our lore and our stories our magic, and our fears and dreams.. Interesting your wife has these fighting and battling dreams, and I guess they could represent so many things…as symbols are pretty much relevant to who is using them.. in my case..and in this story they are more circular memories than subconscious projections..but I will say no more..stay tuned to see where it all goes..and thank you Tube for your wonderful friendship and loyal following of my works in progress:)


  6. jan says:

    Oh Karima…now you take us deep into a dark painful scary place that many women know ( but not just women, innocent children, men too, even animals with no defense, all victims of cowards, bullies, wounded souls venting their own fear in abusive aggression )…broken hearts, bruised bodies, ability to trust nearly annihilated, undeserved shame…… where someone’s cruelty is vented upon another weaker than they are, of course always weaker…and deep wounding occurs, physical, emotional. This changes a person, for better or worse.
    But there is an opportunity presented here.
    This mysterious woman who has come from another world into Karima mind, somehow her presence brought up these past fearful memories buried so deep, because to remember is too feel them again…and that would be terrible indeed. The magical element is that this time she is ready….to face her debilitating fears…and she fights with courage and strength and most of all the power knowing that she will be victor this time!. And she did it. Free.
    Now I wonder about this transformed Karima….what will happen next, how does this change her?….and how will this affect her relationship to the other Karima…did The Intimate play a role here?
    I can’t wait to see where this goes…..
    Fascinating journey into the Human Condition…..and >overcoming. The greater the victory, the sweeter the rewards.
    As usual…and increasingly so, your visuals and your music, your seductive voice…all serve to enhance your story.


  7. Aww thank you so much Jan for seeing so profoundly into this story..I don’t want to admit to or negate any theories..I am just enjoying the fact these 5 or 6 minute videos can elicit such deeply thought out responses in people who have watched them..In your case, with the artist’s sensitivity and eye, you see so much on so many levels..and yes the people who have already read my Colored Dream series might understand “The Two” in a different way, an additional way, than those who have not..yet it is my hope that they will stand alone on their own, or together alongside my first work ,the graphic novelette of the Dream Series. I shocked myself a bit that this one came out as it did..but I am really working on instinct and trusting that instinct to lead me where it sees fit in this story..Do I know how it will end? Will The Intimate appear using his name? even I am not sure at the moment..The stage is now set for many eventualities..and as you say Karima after her final battle, is stronger than ever…many things can be possible..Thank you dear friend for being such a thoughtful commentator and friend along this journey too..


  8. Hoyt Heron says:

    Oh Karima! You speak from the heart. You are able to elucidate in your work what so many feel and cannot put into a frame. I am so impressed. This story did not completely get written by itself. Few can depict an occurrence with the power that you have been blessed with. Sadly you speak for so many in this piece. Just as you did in your poem Noor. I never cease to be amazed!


    • Thank you Hoyt for your loving and continual reflection..I always feel very good when I see myself in your eyes..As I said above, this chapter surprised me, it was going to be something else (according to me) and it turned into what it is..If it made an impact on you….then I feel it did its job:)


  9. Richard A Goldberg says:

    You are free! What a feeling! You have conquered your fears and now you own your just rewards. Did’nt realize you were a musician too. You are amazing. Congratulations on yet another great chapter.


  10. Aww thanks RAG:) Well I am a Garage Band musician..I use some loops and play other instruments on my keypad like flutes, violins, and keyboards. (I do play piano and read music in RL) .and use different percussions that I can find that seem to work with it..after it’s all put together I call it mine as it becomes something very original..I’m pleased you enjoyed the chapter..there are still a few more to stay tuned:)


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