Water and Glass

I present to you my new poem, entitled “Water and Glass” I have wanted to write this poem for years, ever since I bought the sculpture,”Severed Connection” from Lash Xevious  who was the mercurially illusive, hard -to- catch, brilliant creator of the now gone sim “La Reve” All things in their time, and I guess a few things had to fall into place, before I finally tried to tell the story as I first felt it in this piece. I had to learn to make machinimas, and also find another virtual world to begin to create a world for this poem. I am thinking I might write a few poems in this theme, as it conjures up many ideas, some not as sad as the one I present here. My new world which is also entitled “Water and Glass” is just beginning to form, and who knows what I might find there that could translate into poetry..or more? I composed the music for this one too once again in Garage Band, and the images were shot both on my new world in Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand and on my own sim in Second Life, Linc Island. The true star is the Art Piece, that captures so much feeling in its posture, and I am sure there are many other interpretations held inside of it too. I saw one afterwards, of how humanity has cut itself off from Nature, and now pines for what it destroyed and lost… I include the poem below the YouTube

Water and Glass
Another shattered window scene on this merry-go round of broken dreams,

I let the water and the glass now tell my story.
Strike up the lost-love symphony, and lean your last time into me,
for tides are shifting once again, the words fall unheard into sand
and both of us are sorry.

I see you there but can not touch you, we are so close and yet too far to hear.
I wait for you to break this deafening wall between the aches,
while ripples of sadness lap my pane, we tried and failed once again.
It’s lonelier when sunlight plays, upon the rolling pale blue waves
in dimming curtains of dying bright, your fading vision grows opaque.

Water’s wearing down the rocks, to sand, and glass is forming in our hands,
transparent walls spring up so clear and tall, now you no longer hear me.
Strike up a new lost symphony, here I am upon my knees I  can no longer hear you.
I only wait to maybe catch your footsteps at my gate, and we can try again
to crack this wall of twisted deafening destiny.

But every day seems longer and we never find the means, and I am growing tired.
It’s like being worn down by an ocean’s crashing surf that pounds, and pounds
and soon I will be a sunken vessel on the bottom of our love’s deepest floor.
May the creatures come to know and love me, better than you learned to love me,
may I turn to glass, and never hear another sound.

We go round ‘n round, both knowing there’s a giant wave that’s coming to our door
Hope is what is breaking on my chest, it’s not the wall that cracks, but me
And hope breaks on my jagged heart, in riptides of furious energy.
I should prepare myself to say goodbye but no matter how I strain my eyes
That reality is just too painfully hard to see.

Another shattered window scene..on this merry-go round of broken dreams
I let the water and the glass now tell my story.
Strike up the lost-love symphony, and lean your last time into me,
for tides are shifting once again, the words fall unheard into sand
and both of us are sorry.

Karima Hoisan
Oct. 12, 2011
LINC Island Second Life

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20 Responses to Water and Glass

  1. Maria Vought says:

    Such a poignant poem sis, I loved the images and the music,and of course the words. Your new world looks beautiful and I am sure it will stimulate your muse to enthrall us all with more magic



  2. Aww Thanks Sis…and for coming to the screening of this one too:) I guess it’s like that baseball movie, “If you build it they will come” in my case “they” might mean some nice poetic words (hopefully!) I need to work a lot more on the world, but little by little I think it will be a wonderful backdrop for my poetry.


  3. jan says:

    Pondering…Water and Glass…interesting the two together…one so brittle and easily shattered; and the other fluid, gracefully flowing over all obstructions. Both transparent (when not muddied or dirtied), glass even disappears when submerged in the water, but…as well their natures are so different. One plays a role in the making of the other…waves to rock to sand to glass. All powerful movement that transforms by its friction, one’s action upon the other.
    We all have felt the frustration of a lost, painful or deeply struggling ill fated love. Interesting to use water and glass to describe this, this is a powerful poem, you make it work. The emotions are amplified, even…
    …then what happens when our jagged hearts are slowly worn down by delusions, fears…seeming betrayals of heart, then finally getting tired of it ( wearing down?)…to where something just simply changes.
    Our most radiant Truth is not jagged…but the road to it can be…maybe the waves work until those jags, the walls, delusions, are broken down….crushed to sand…then heated to glass in an alchemical fire ( love?) …so the Truth is left to shine….???
    The Path of the open heart who seeks the Treasure…is not an easy one.
    You Karima have been on a rarefied journey. You have deeply loved, and been very broken, more than once. You have found a secret…and you impart that to us in such amazing ways….sometimes breaking our hearts as we feel your pain…or taking us on the most astonishing journeys!!!.
    Would you be exuding all this creative surge now if something in you had not been thoroughly broken? The breaking can only break down the barriers that keep our Truth concealed.
    And now look at you….you are a fountain!!!
    I eagerly await what more comes from Water and Glass.


    • I am left just about speechless by your comment jan, your beautiful flowing musings on my” Water and Glass” I don’t think I will say much here..Really you have said it for me too..But yes I found a secret in the pain, and just in ,living life.. as we all can find.. I have found surrender and I trust my inner voices..which seem to be on my side,..truly instead of working against me as my ego and fear do at times) I am hoping to do several poems in this theme..I too love their similarities and their polar opposite differences..,I think light and mirrors, and tide pools of possibilities might wait for me to listen to them carefully and let my imagination flow out from there..Thank you for seeing me as a fountain..No better stimulus for pouring out the graceful water streams..over and over again!! I love that image..I hope I can live up to it..


  4. Only someone, who had been hurt so deeply, who had suffered the utmost pain of a broken heart, is able to transform this in art, in words, images and music. There is no need to add something – dear Jan – you said it all ! Maybe suffering enables us more to create splendid things than joy does…..
    As always, I feel with you, Karima. You bring the unheard voices to the surface and dress them in
    exquisit words….touch our memories and souls….
    Your creativity is amazing ****


    • Hugs Isa and thank you again for a beautiful comment.I had a friend (very wise indeed) who used to recommend people to me with this introduction..”he/she has suffered a lot…now he/she has compassion.I think you would like him/her” and almost always, his recommendation was right..I did. So much Art in all fields comes out of the alchemy of converting tears to beauty..pain to awesome light,hopelessness to powerful symphonies.Anytime I have been able to do that no matter how small, it somehow made that pain that changed to a poem almost worth it. I know this is not a poem for everyone, and in some ways it might be more a woman’s poem, in that it is very emotional like a long sigh… but disillusionment is not confined to one sex or the other, and communication breakdowns, take two participating for that to happen. Men are not immune either to feelings of frustration for not being able to turn it around..even when we see it so clearly. Thank you again Isa for feeling my words, music and imagery and allowing me to touch you with them


  5. joyce says:

    Wow! I’m always amazed at the goosebumps that occur whilst viewing your works. Karima! Thanks for sharing (loved the sculpted lady)


    • Aww thank you joyce for taking the time to leave your comment. Yes, this is a powerful piece, I saw it first in Jan. of 2008 and was so taken by it, and when she closed her sim, (Lash Xevious) she offered to sell a few of her pieces, and this is one that I most treasure.


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Ohhh!!! You continue fo mystify, and intrigue me with your powerful words and insight. I am in constant awe. You speak for so many, but no one can conjure up words, scenes and metaphors the way that you can. So I guess the burden will fall on you, as it has many gifted poets, to continue to paint the painful, and joyous world for the the rest of us. As always…Thank you!


  7. Smiling at Hoyt, now that you have burdened me with that poetic mission, I must tell you I am glad you are so close to, because I might lean on you now and then, when it all starts to get a bit heavy.. But seriously, thank you for always making me feel like a poet..I know..I know..I Am a poet (The Intimate told me:) but in your eyes, I feel I am and could be a much better one that I was say..last year:) Thank you Hoyt for being such an inspiring and totally positive influence on me, and also for being such a cool “ruco” 🙂


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  9. zumpoems says:

    Poem worth waiting for! Lots of wonderful images and lines. Love “Strike up a new lost symphony” — this is very finished, very complete!


    • Hello zumpoems..and thank you for visiting my page. I am so pleased that you liked the poem, and I hope to do it for you on Sunday at the DNA reading:) Thank you for leaving this very positive comment.


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  11. Tube/Ron says:

    We have all been there…watching a love/friendship float away. Unable to call it back. To unsay hard words. To undo hasty,angry actions. To unring the bell of time. Away it glides further and further. beyond anyone’s reach. This is heartwrenching. Tormenting. There seems to be a possibility of a clear point of no return in any human interaction. How can we stop that forever instant from happening? More patience. More kindness. More honesty.Your painful words bleed. I see 10,000 handkerchiefs being handed to poor Karima to say….It’ll be alright…you’ll see…..
    Of course, it will never again be alright. But…maybe….better. A little bit.

    Your skillful wordsmithing rounds up together the whole herd of all the agonizing thoughts, self doubts, recriminations, pleadings and fear of being left…alone. Of all the unanswered “whys”. The single biggest purposes of human life here is to connect and be of service to others. And there will certainly be conflicts and bad match-ups. Failures. And plenty enough grief for all. But….without taking the chances…there will be no connecting. One doesn’t take chances with out a few going off the track. And those hurt. Those also drive us to learn about making choices…..even better ones, maybe. Maybe a little sweeter and a bit less stinging. Here’s a hanky, sweet Karima…..
    Thanks for your amazing tone-thoughts put to words.


  12. Tube, my dear friend, thank you for once again grabbing my small video baton and running with it in an inspired race of imagery and new scenes that run with the metaphor I hinted at ..and thank you for the handkerchief..sometimes we get it wrong and nothing can do will make it right..Almost like a curse we are incapable of a few simple words that could have changed the sad course of our history.. Yes hopefully we will still be brave enough to take the chance again, even after a muted failure such as the one I describe in this poem.. Thank you Tube for seeing it all so clearly…and your generosity to share what you see…


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  14. OH – the memories of that sculpture (smiles). You have gone and once again twisted worlds with your creative interpretations…an artist producing another level of artistry based on art. Maria mentioned the word ‘poignant’… yes, indeed!


  15. Thank you Sissy for leaving me your comment, and yes you remember when I picked this one up in 2008..Seems such a very long time ago.. So glad you enjoyed the poem I have trying to write for years and it didn’t come until now.Having two worlds has broadened my horizons and my possibilities to make more interesting and “poignant” videos:)


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