Karima at DNA Art And Music Fusion Sunday Oct. 23 12pm SLT

Poster by Doug Donovan

This Sunday, Oct. 23rd, at high noon SLT  I will be doing a thirty minute reading for the very first time at DNA Art and Music Fusion. Come early and bring a poem or two as there will be an open mic session in voice, starting at 11:30 am SLT and also after my reading. The lovely and talented poet, Grail Arnica, will be hosting the event, and you can just IM her if you want to read one of your own, or a favorite you might like to hear, or want her to read one for you. It should be a very nice affair, and I hope to see my friends and all poetry lovers there with poem in hand. I will do my part at noon on the music stream, and have hand- picked a nice selection, some that I have not done for a long while, and also my latest “Water and Glass” which I plan to do better than I did on the  video *smiles as I sounded a little thorazined I think.
I want to thank my good Second Life friend Doug Donovan for making this poster for me, and for also making me a “one name performer” Last I checked there weren’t many other Karimas giving readings..so I think I am safe. I heard a rumor it is even up on the side of one of his giant skyscrapers too, let me check.  Ah..Yes it is!! He is giving me some free advertising along with the poster. It’s so nice to have friends in high places *coughs.

Skyscraper by Doug Donovan

So please mark this on your calendar and join me for this special reading this Sunday Oct. 23rd. You can get the slurl by clicking on the name of the gallery, and I hope you can make it to DNA and lunch on some fine dining in poetry.

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