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In A Slow Drift

In a Slow Drift   I won’t let you slip into the fog off the shoreline, so that when I call out to you, you don’t even hear your name. The truth is… it’s too sad to admit..that we have … Continue reading

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Remembering The Boston Bombings & Other Horrors A Year Ago

Filtered Posted on April 17, 2013 by Karima Hoisan Filtered Filtered, because otherwise we would all o.d. on Life. Better to latch the dirt to our eyes the rose tints. I know the poets; they would be screaming first. Keep … Continue reading

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Love in a Mirror

I invite you to click the link and listen to my recitation of “Love in a Mirror” music by David Darling   Love In A Mirror Who did I fall in love with…was it you? Was it a summing up … Continue reading

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Water and Glass

I present to you my new poem, entitled “Water and Glass” I have wanted to write this poem for years, ever since I bought the sculpture,”Severed Connection” from Lash Xevious  who was the mercurially illusive, hard -to- catch, brilliant creator … Continue reading

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Empty On The Edge

please enjoy this music, Trista Pena~Gipsy Kings, while you read the poem Empty On The Edge It’s really empty on the edge of a vacant king- sized bed love’s  wind- tunnel blows an echo straight into my head, the infinite … Continue reading

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