Shooting Star / Estrella Fugaz

I have just finished upping my second YouTube poem, shot on my still-under-construction, amply surreal world “Water and Glass” on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. I am anxious to share this one, because it is a totally different mood than the first machinima I posted “Water and Glass” The poem is not new, but was written first in Spanish over a year ago, for my Second Life musician friend and favorite sax player, Seba Sideways. One night he lectured me on the fact that a poet must Always keep writing.. every day and many hours of every day, and it was just what I needed to hear, to get me out of a dry spell, and to also start writing again in Spanish, something I had stopped doing years ago.
I composed this little musical piece, with him in mind, to maybe lay a sax part over it, but then I couldn’t get in touch with him, so I just “had” to post it today as is. If he does get around to doing that, I will switch the music track, something possible to do now on YouTube and not have to start all over again from scratch. I will as always put the words below the video so you can read them. I feel the music made this whole machinima a much happier affair than the first one. I can swing deep between both ends, the melancholy and the exuberant. This piece just makes me want to whistle..and live Life..every minute of it. Enjoy!

“Shooting Star- Estrella Fugaz “

(for Seba Sideways)

Years go by like a shooting star
a week is but a blink of an eye,
loves go away, and  our work is forgotten,
sons and countries are pushed to one side

Se pasan los años como una estrella fugaz
una semana es un pestañear de ojos..
se pasan los amores y labores olvidados,
hijos, países, y sueños dejados por un lado.

Eyes become open and the truth looks like lies,
all is a trick where before we saw  certainty.
We learn to see into the depth of everything
and are surprised to touch the bottom of a mud hole.

Se abren los ojos, y la  verdad se ve mentira,
todo un engaño donde antes  había certeza
Se aprende de ver por el profundo del todo
se  sorprende de tocar hasta el fondo del lodo.

Life,  it’s short, so hard and so beautiful,
a mixture of oil, vinegar and sweetening,
anoint me in this  white and black dressing
in this sad joy to find myself still alive.

La Vida, tan corta , tan dura,  tan bella,
mezcla de  aceite con  vinagre y azúcar.
Ungirme en esta salsa  blanca y negra
en el  triste júbilo de encontrarme aún viva.

Smooth out my soul so I can see us all together,
without distinguishing either age, race or creed,
that every second be well lived and well spent
to reach the heights of what it means to be human.

Blanda el alma para vernos  unidos,
para no distinguir ni edad, raza o credo.
Que cada segundo se viva bien gastado
para alcanzar a las alturas lo que es ser humano

 Karima Hoisan
 May 2, 2010
 Misty Shores Renacer  SL

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16 Responses to Shooting Star / Estrella Fugaz

  1. Menubar says:

    Wow! You never cease to amaze!

    I love how you have the creativity to construct things in virtual worlds, and the vision to use them as video effects. The flow of colors and your emotional celebrations of life are always stunning.


    • Thanks MenuBar…
      it has been a lot of fun doing it too..I still don’t claim to be a builder, but at least I can make a few crazy ideas to use in these videos.. The whole learning process is really great experience for me in so many ways..Glad you approve:)


  2. happiness says:

    This is delicious and really well produced. Your voice comes through with great clarity on this one. As always, colors and shapes dance, and the music is perfect. And oh yes, I love the poem!
    Brava, yet once again! Hugs!


    • Thank you so much Happiness…I am really glad you enjoyed the video. This is my first time trying to make a machinima poem in both English and Spanish. I am encouraged by your positive feedback, as I know you are discerning and have your finger on the pulse of virtual and cyber art in all its forms. I have gotten some nice comments in Ims and emails from my friends who speak Spanish, saying that they would like me to do some I think in the future I will:) Thanks again for all your warm and loving support of my projects..


  3. Hoyt Heron says:

    I love this poem! Like you, it makes me want to live life now, and to the fullest. I am overwhelmed, as always, by knowlegeable, subjective, as well as objective view of what makes the great spinning world tick. You have an amazing ear-to-the-ground perception of humanity. And you seem to miraculously be able to metephorically tie it to nature. You are so gifted! Don’t ever stop writing. We need you!


  4. Aww and I need you.Thank you so much Hoyt for enjoying so very much my brand of poetry..and eccentricity..and my odd-ball other words. thank you for knowing me and always stimulating me to do the best I can..


  5. salsaman123 says:

    I liked the rhythm of this one, the colours and even your stillness in it. Perhaps in this you are the calm in the eye of the storm, while all the world spins and dances around you.


  6. So glad you did salsaman..You could almost do a slow salsa to it:) Yes good observation..the poet was musing, while the world was spinning, and leaping and diving around her.. Thanks again for taking the time to leave your comment.. they are always appreciated.


  7. Karima, you are about to start another career 🙂 For me, it`s almost like singing, when I listen to your voice !! And I like the delicate balance between the two languages, each has it`s own charisma, it`s own advantages…..So you can sense this poem in a double way, fantastic idea !
    The music is floating and dancing like a feather in the air….it softens the bitterness of the
    knowledge, you bring to us once again…..Life is to short, to waste any second….


  8. Muchas gracias Isa once again for dropping by and leaving this comment… Yes this is my first attempt at a bi-lingual poem/machinima, and I am so glad you liked the mixing of the two languages.. Thank you for saying it seemed almost like singing..I guess because I tried to recite it to the beat of the music it did come out that way:) I hope to do another down the line..I love your imagery here:
    “The music is floating and dancing like a feather in the air….it softens the bitterness of the
    knowledge, you bring to us once again…..Life is to short, to waste any second…”
    Yes better not waste any time..just live while we are alive.. Big hugs and much appreciation


  9. anje aichi says:

    oooh talk more spanish to me…


  10. Con mucho gusto linda..especialmente porque saca muy lindas fotos de esta poeta:) gracias anje:)


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  12. Awwww SUKI-SUKI NOW! Bobs my head, shimmies and DEMANDS a dance! The visuals are just delightfully cheerful right from the start. Loved this (as I love all you do, smiles)!


  13. Thanks Sissy you are so earning a reprieve form your “whipping” by leaving me all these little comments:) This is a different pace, and I have been encouraged by my Hispanic friends to try a few more bi-lingual ones and I think I will:) I had a lot of fun putting this one together:)
    Big hugs for you….


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