*OOPS….Correction For My Subscribers on Email

I want to apologize to my readers who have email subscriptions. I had to take down the  first YouTube of my poem “Deeper” which appeared on the post before this one, as it was
only playing at 280 and the quality was so bad. This version seems a bit better, but my normal uploads and their format seems to longer be accepted by YouTube /Google. So…I give you the slightly better version at 360 and if you clicked and clicked on the other to no avail..I am sorry.. I give you once again a hopefully better rendition of “Deeper”…Enjoy!

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3 Responses to *OOPS….Correction For My Subscribers on Email

  1. Hehe… this one definitely has an air of ‘darkness’ around it, more *other worldly* than the usual meals you serve us (smiles). I am glad I took the time to immerse myself by reading the poem first (I get so mesmerized by the visuals that I have to separate first, then combine – or vice versa). I love how you give your mind free reign to venture EVERYWHERE, not just the safe & sane places… unbound, borderless freedom to express whatever strikes a poetic chord within you. I dig the ‘Deep’ as it also strikes a chord within me. BTW, the music is perfection 🙂


  2. happiness says:

    Kari: I find this evocative, and wonderfully true… How lovely that you have captured this whole metaphor of “going deeper” in your soundscape, with its otherworldly voices and dimensional music, your always soulful words, and of course your images. I think we all know that sense of being torn between the safe security of the shore, and the beckoning depths of the dark blue sea of consciousness. And the question always haunts: “Do I dare the journey?” Your have combined the elements of your theme here in a way that I believe will speak to many of us, as we sometimes sink into the abyss, to see what is there, and sometimes choose to just decline the siren voices, fearing they might lure us to our doom. You just get better and better at this, and it is wondrous to be on the journey of discovery with you. Onward, with love and courage!


  3. *replies to these two comments are under the original post “Deeper” I moved them as they are part of the thread


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