“All I Want For My Rezz Day is Tukso Okey!!” Monday Dec. 26th 7pmSLT

Tukso Okey..a gift you would never take back to exchange! But you will bring him back again and again...

So..do you blame me?
If you think his picture is hot.. well honestly, his music is a gillion times hotter.
I know it has only been a few posts since I did one on this incredible performer, but I wasn’t even going to celebrate my rezz day more than fondly remember it,  sitting on the beach, drinking a cup of black coffee, and listening to the waves roll in, or maybe invite my sisters to come dance in our family cemetery of rogue lost loves…until I went to a Tukso show a few days ago, and this chant, this mantra began to fill my head and before I knew it, while I was ignitedly dancing in our now famous girl’s chorus line, I heard myself say over and over “All I want for my rezz day is Tukso Okey.”
Four years old and I am big enough to know what I like..what I love..I have 37,000 items in inventory (I know..shame on me) so I don’t “need”  anything else.. Not one more thing!
Things are material and therefore ephemeral..here today, forgotten about tomorrow, ahh but sharing one of those magical moments at a Tukso show, where he connects so personally with his audience (even throwing our chat back at us in a funky impromptu way) and we respond with outrageous 20- line Tukso gestures (because we are really feeling it..Really)..as the advertising slogan goes “Priceless” He gives us all his talent and boundless energy, his 27 minute riffs that keep building and driving, and we give him  back,  sighs and loving vows of loyalty and tears even, there were tears that day I was chanting my mantra,  over-the -top applause, and we let ourselves “feel his experience” because we are now part of his music, his magic and his family. We Are the experience.
So.. why would I want anything else for this, my fourth Rezz Day?
If you haven’t heard him yet, and think I just rant on and on because I am too lazy to go hear other musicians (smiles)…. well I bet you will change your mind after you hear him once. Nobody is coaxing or paying me to say this, I promise you, so if you haven’t heard him, this would be a nice opportunity, and help me come celebrate my happy Sl day. If you are a fan and therefore family already, please come to my Kantina del Mar on Monday night and feel the experience with us all. Monday is not about me, or my years in Sl, it’s about what still counts to me, being with friends and family and all sharing in an event we are blessed here in SL to be able to do…bathe in the magic and the charisma of the hottest, and as Menubar Memorial puts it “The most bad-ass musician in the 2 known universes” So I hope to see you all  here at my little bolero bar at 7pmSLT. Here is your taxi “Kari’s Kantina del Mar”
Because for my Rezz Day (sing it with me…) All I want is Tukso Okey!!

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5 Responses to “All I Want For My Rezz Day is Tukso Okey!!” Monday Dec. 26th 7pmSLT

  1. Theodore Hoppe says:


    One small gift I can give to you is this comment here on your amazing website. It has been a wonderful and inspirational experience for me to watch you grow as an artist and a writer this past year. Today you give me pause, time to think back and reflect on all the exciting times we have shared, both together, and here on your blog and through your machinima.
    But what I treasure most is your constant and unwavering friendship. Please know that you always have my deep respect and admiration.
    *****~!!!!HAPPY REZ DAY KARIMA!!!!!~****

    ….and many, many more!

    Theodore Theseus


  2. Thank you Theodore, and indeed your words are the best gift of all, because they are sincere, and inspirational, and they come from the very best that for me Sl has to offer..the possibility of virtual friendships, that last and grow over the years. From the moment we met, we chatted on and on and it was a wonderful instant connection..that has endured with the passage of time. I am so glad you think you can join me this evening, to celebrate friendship with great music..Ahh these are the two best things I have found in SL..the Arts..and the loving hearts that I have encountered along the way in 4 years today:)


  3. Kyoko says:

    Karima, I have been in sl three years less than your four, but feel I have lived a thousands lives in one. What a perfect way to celebrate this virtual dream we all share with friends family and the amazing talent of Tusko. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your party.


  4. Kyoko was so happy you could make it, and even though the lag turned pretty brutal with so many avies (63) and I could hardly type a hello, I was very pleased to see you joined in the celebration.Yes friends and live music are two of the high points in my Sl.Thank you so much for your warm and easy friendship..abrazos 🙂


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