Karima @Tropical Reflections Thursday Dec.29 ~ 1pmSLT

A peaceful tropical setting for an hour of multi-media poetry

I hope all who can be in-world tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 29, at 1pmSLT will join me in the beautiful tropical setting of Costa Rica Sims for my reading this month of Tropical Reflections. I will be doing some new material, some original music, and some more complicated image changing, thanks to my dear friend and manager of Tukso Okey, Padula Bing ,who has offered to help me out, and will be working the photo screen.
As I think some know about me, I am a Costa Rican in real life, and was a resident on this beautiful estate in Second Life (more than 100 joined sims) for two years, so I always love to do a reading here, in a picnic atmosphere, pillows on the lawn, and warm breezes blowing across the venue. If that sounds good to you too, please join me tomorrow at 1pmslt for an hour of my best efforts to entertain you with my original poetry, some well selected music, and changing imagery.
Here is your taxi link (that if it happens to dump you underwater.. just fly up and follow the red beam of light please.. has been known to happen:) Taxi for Tropical Reflections
Hope to see you all there!

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