“Train Ride Down With Tukso” ~ Why We Are All Hopping On His Train

 If you follow my blog at all, then this won’t be the first time you hear me speak of Tukso Okey, who still remains, for me, the best and most exciting live musician in Second Life.
Actions speak louder than words, and ever since I wrote this poem almost two years ago, I had in the back of my mind, to do a video of it. Well it took this long to gain enough skills, to be able to do him and the poem justice, but I think the time has come, to show you in words, and moving imagery accompanied by him doing his classic hit “Red Hot Poppa” just why we are all hopping on his train, sometimes even three times a day, to be carried away on his music, his funky and versatile style, that never fails to surprise and delight. Tukso is something special among the many talented SL live musicians. His fan base is large, and I project will reach 1000 in  2012. We are not only a large group, but we have formed a family around his music, his charisma, how he makes us feel part of his music, when we listen to him playing his many instruments that he lays down. There is absolutely no doubt who is driving the train, and we are swept along as his lucky passengers These are not back tracks, pre-recorded.  These are tracks Tukso lays down as we slowly move “out of the station on his own track” and that is why it is the metaphor for my poem and this video. I want to thank so many people who believed in it, in this project, and helped me see it realized.  Thank you loyal family members: Kiki Reiko, Shepp Gilbraith, Kyoko Sabahi, Shesa Quandry, my SL Sister Maria Vought, Wynn Wrentling, Dharma Titanium, owner of The Alexander Theater, where the Live Show shots were filmed, and all family members who encouraged me along the way. I also want to give a special thank- you, to a fellow Machinima Artist Guild member, who is a moderator and one I look up to for her experience, and her generous sharing of it with those of us less adept, Natascha Randt.
Last, but certainly not least, I give a special thanks to Tukso Okey and his manager Padula Bing, for allowing me to use this song, in my video, and for also believing in my work and me.
This is a passion, and a labor of love. I hope you can feel that, and let’s make no excuses, or water it down, Tukso’s music is sensual, alluring, sexy and revolutionary. There is no getting around that. Those of us who dance to his beat, who wait to catch “the next one” know how very true that is. If you haven’t felt that experience yet, well look him up and hop on soon.
This video was shot in HD widescreen.
I proudly present to you “Train Ride Down With Tukso”
“All aboard!”

*I posted the lyrics in a comment below
** Here are some Links to Tukso Okey, his blogs and music just to “Spread da Word”


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9 Responses to “Train Ride Down With Tukso” ~ Why We Are All Hopping On His Train

  1. Theodore Hoppe says:

    It is difficult to have a favorite Karima poem. The one I am listening to in the moment is always my favorite.
    In this new video Karima is using her poetry to highlights the musical abilities of someone that she admires, as well as showcasing her other artistic talents of combining the visual imagery of machinama, with music and song and in so doing.
    An excellent tribute to talented Tukso Okey.


  2. Wonderful work ! What a great duet – your words and images and Tukso’s music.


  3. Thank you Theodore for leaving your positive comment, and for being someone who has supported me and my poetry. I personally enjoy this one, because I feel I was almost able to put in words what we loyal Tukso fans, feel when we let him “take us on a ride” I am so pleased he likes it and authorized its publication. Yes it is a tribute to him, and a poem I so enjoy performing.


  4. Big smiles, Thank you Emperor..Yes I think we had a nice chemistry going on here in this “duet” as you call it..It did wind up working out nicely. So glad you enjoyed it.


  5. MMMMMMMMM… this was “bad ass” to the CORE! MMMMMMMM… does it get any better than this? You don’t even have to answer that – I just gotta reserve my train tickets! Near overwhelming to the JOY senses to listen to both Artistic Masters synchronized. I won’t ever get my fill… DO IT AGAIN! smilesssss


  6. RAG Randt says:

    Karima: Can you post the lyrics for us please? Love the rhythm in your voice. Nice flow!



  7. Thanks Rag for you comment, I am glad you enjoyed it, and here are the lyrics.

    Train Ride Down With Tukso
    for Tukso Okey

    When you take us on a ride
    you move us on the ground,
    like a slow- motion train when it starts to leave the station
    Then you ask us if we’re ready and we hook our safety lines,
    and we strap ourselves in right, and we know to hang on tight,
    and of course we cant resist we have to go along right with you
    and we just move our feet and trust it all
    when *Bang* …. you pull us


    to the bowels of your guitar, to the sexy dirty alley ways
    the girls showing what they got, while you move us past the bars
    You play us humping passion and the sound is pure desire
    then you throw us in the mix of it and toss us in the fire
    where we cry and shout your name and beg you “take us higher”
    Then you soothe us with your words and you bring us to the surface
    where we picture those Seattle girls.. New York returns with purpose
    and just when we think its safe to look out and watch the ride
    You plunge us off the bridge and we just know that we have died.
    Your riffs become a whirlpool and we are sucked down in the water
    where we gasp and call your name out while we flounder and go under


    We are drowning in a sea you made of multicolored layers,
    and those Blues along the bottom are just waiting to be players
    and we feel it and we die a little under dark fast waters
    and you blow in us your breath
    to save your moaning sons and daughters
    and the bubbles fill our eyes so that we see what we’ve been blind to, and you pump us full of visions, of poetry and dance moves.
    and you float us to the top where you spin us on the sunrise
    and the little bubbles tickle and we go,”Wow” as we materialize.
    Then you sit us down inside the train, that returns back to the station
    with carloads of mind blown travelers, who check time schedules
    to catch the next one….

    Karima Hoisan
    Feb.26, 2010
    Misty Shores Renacer SL


  8. Smiles at Diz..I think “bad ass to the core” is this best compliment I have received on this one sis. You make me feel like I want to “do it again.” I am really smiling, I will stick that ticket in your hand real soon..promise!!


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