Karima @ Poetry Reflections ~ Costa Rica Sims of Dream Seeker Estates ~ 1PMSLT Feb. 23rd

I have been reading at an event, called “Tropical Reflections” once a month in Costa Rica Sims, the virtual equivalent of my RL country of nationality and residence. For those of you who attended my readings there, you will recall it was a small suburban park setting, pillows on the grass, and casual picnic style seating. Well the poetry venue as well as the Estate itself, has changed hands, new owner, and new ideas. It’s still Costa Rica at heart, all the wonderful amenities it has always provided for its residents , and visitors alike, but now more creative ideas are being put out to try and one of them is this beautiful Arabian style pavilion that will be the new venue for my readings there.

So richly beautiful

I took a sneak sit on my pillow just to see how it felt, and looking around I felt like I had been transported back to my beloved Middle East. The very gifted designer of fine Arabic furnishings, Tara Tagore, creator of Melino Style. was the one who transformed this large and not very cozy indoor- pool area into the elegant salon you see in the pictures. Thank you Tara, you have done an incredible job!

The perfect setting to be transported by the spoken word

I have prepared a varied banquet to dine on, and I invite you for this reading, celebrating a new monthly home for my poetry on Costa Rica Sims, to dig down into your inventories and see if you can make a creative flowing comfortable Arabic outfit to blend right into the ambiance and the decor. I promise you an hour of especially chosen music, some colorful images and of course my poetry to float over it all.
I want to thank Samantha Ohrberg, Estate manager for Costa Rica Sims of Dream Seekers Estates, for making me feel very pampered and welcomed with the offering of this new venue, and also to Marriellaanna, Events Planner, who has  helped make this new look, and my opportunity to read within its’ walls possible.

To be perfect, all this room needs is your attendance...

Join me, this Thursday, February 23rd at 1pmslt, to share an hour of poetry in this magnificent setting.
“Ahleen wa sahleen” Welcome!
Here is your speedy careening taxi to drop you off inside.  Karima @ Poetry Reflections

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2 Responses to Karima @ Poetry Reflections ~ Costa Rica Sims of Dream Seeker Estates ~ 1PMSLT Feb. 23rd

  1. Marriellaanna Resident says:

    Karima it was truly a pleasure to help you. I urge anybody who hasn’t seen one of your performances to come along tomorrow and hear you. I say performance because anybody just expecting a poetry reading is in for a bit of a surprise. This is truly what I call performance art and one of the best hours you can possibly spend on Sl, not only visually but in listening to your beautiful voice so in harmony with your poetry readings. The whole air to this event is almost mystical in my opinion. You have created a completly new concept in sl.
    I will dig out something Eastern/Arabic to wear!


    • Shukran Mariellaannaa for your lovely comment,
      and I am so glad you will dress for the occasion:)
      I am also very excited about this reading..The beautiful, salon you have prepared injects me with extra zing:)
      See you tomorrow inshallah


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