Run Down

"Here, I saved an hour just for you"

Please enjoy my mp3 recording of Run Down, that I recite to the lovely music of PAIO, “ISTAR-3.”

Run Down

Time cuts out the best parts, the ones we don’t  find time for.

It speeds up when we grab some hours, and turns endless when the clock ticks alone, and we are under its sad spell, counting minutes.
The good times come too fast, they fly in on overnight tickets and fly out with the dawn.

Painted pit stops in our on-going race of romance,
and even though we are jet setters, time travelers,
we do know enough to copy chats and quotes and to take the oddest photos

“What a good time!” we say to ourselves,  and try to hold its memory.

Desperate to recall a really nice time, we save prudently for when the empty ones roll in to fill  the days.

Like rations, we nibble desiccated kisses, hours that were transformed into sweet plump minutes and then were gone.

We try to ingest it over again, for famine sweeps the land and makes our hearts get scratchy dry, and we hunger, for fulfillment and we search the face of Time and see a traitor holding out its  hands saying,
“Here I saved an hour just for you.”

Time is running out.
I wound down a few times now, but I’m still around.

That’s the problems with those keys…they are made for someone else  to turn.

 No one wants to watch a doll slump over in her dance, in a crowd of wound-up dancers.
Oh Time…
I try to squeeze something for me out of you..but when you don’t have anything to give,
I feel my years like empty grain sacks hopelessly pillaged.

Karima Hoisan
April 16, 2012
Costa Rica

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2 Responses to Run Down

  1. Am drawn like a moth to flame when I hear you recite, and that never changes. I was equal parts of enchanted and curious with this piece after reading the text first, then listening, THEN coming over to see the photo that goes with the prose (smiles). Call it a triple *whammy* of immersion into your uniqueness… Always, your poetry evokes thoughtfulness and loved the music accompaniment 🙂


  2. Thank you Sis for coming over and leaving me this nice comment…hugs!
    Yes well Time is a big theme,,which I could barely do justice to in this little verse..but I have been thinking about it a lot, as it Does seem to be speeding up, every year I get older. I think this music by PAIO is great too. I discovered them on, a wonderful free music site, with Creative Commons Licensing, so there are no copyright issues in using it. So glad you enjoyed the “triple whammy” (so Diz that one!!)


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