Not Goodbye

She never learned to fly that high

I Invite you to click on the link to listen to my recitation of this poem  Not Goodbye.mp3

Not Goodbye
For Hoyt

Well this is not goodbye, and you know that un-caged bird
that always perched so close to you,
so that every whisper your heart unveiled she heard?
She never learned to fly that high,
not so high you could ever think it truly was goodbye.

How could you ever doubt, how deep you run inside of her?
She stayed fulfilled as you fed and made her strong day after day
with poems from your lips, all those stories and loving her so long,
your voice was always a watch tower that protected, soothed and calmed
and made her think she could let her own, escape her heart,
and sing to flocks that began to know the timber of her fledgling song.

There are those days, when we doubt everything, and every price we paid.
Reality and dreams collide upon a shore that lies somewhere in between.
That’s where you found her, flapping, broken, and took her in,
 alongside a river, alongside an emptiness that wasn’t being filled in,
and you cared for her, and you made her think that she could fly again.

Her song today is just for you, for you to know she knows how bonds do grow.
They stretch until the breaking point, then snap back tighter than before and strong.
Her heart beating, with wings now a flutter held in open hands by you,
 she took off and flew, and let the winds carry her to places a little far away,
and you?
You were her rock, her solitary refuge, you were the voice that called her home.
You were the one who smiled when she laid the words she found right at your feet.

Well this is not goodbye, just because you saw her climb and fly.
 You know that un-caged bird that always perched so close to you,
so that every whisper your heart unveiled, she heard, who hung upon your every word?
She never even tried to learn to fly that high,
not so high you could imagine it was the last time you would see her,
and that what she was really doing… was saying goodbye.

Karima Hoisan
April 19th, 2012
Linc Renacer Bay of Tranquility SL

Inspired by this beautiful YouTube song by Mark Knopfler

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12 Responses to Not Goodbye

  1. Ron/Tubeguy says:

    Wow-my two favorite artists. Mr. Dire Straits and Ms. Karima. Now here’s pure magic!! 🙂 This is way too wrentching and way too personal for an outsider like me to even see. Let alone comment on. I will intrude only to observe that life is about signposts and landmarks. About describing the crossroads where we go one way or another. The points that demarcate and define our past, present, future, and define who we are. They Ley lines that circumscribe our world. The boundaries of the energy nets that define how the world energizes us and influences us. It is about decisions. The axels we pivot around, making us move this way or that.

    I have lived long enough to know some cojoined pathways are short. Some medium. some endure our whole lives. However, even those who seem to drop off as sojourners always live within us. Sparking old memories and pushing us forward. We will always be bonded. The bonds don’t disappear with human time. They are truly ageless. As eternal beings of light we will always carry all ones we connect with and bond to next to us. They will always be part of our existence. Always. This is partially why we need to tread with light footsteps. Gentle footsteps. Footsteps that always allow for our past comrades to walk with us. To be honest. Forthcoming. To maintain the powerful bonds of love and friendship that truly define who we are and what we do.

    Yes, there are painful crossroads. Here the pain is just temporary. But, we need to keep friendships open for the “long march”. That is the goal we must seek. Be true to yourself as if tomorrow stretched forever before you. For, it does!You are braver than I, Karima. You allow the world to see your heart. That takes amazing love and courage. That is why ones you bond with do love as they do. And….they do!



    • Tube, my dear friend, my favorite Ambassador from a faraway alien planet, eloquent and just enough removed from earthly humanity, that he can see us so clearly..Thank you.
      Well I guess, yes the poem is personal, as I would say 100% of my poetry is..If it is filtered through me, even if words fall from somewhere else,it becomes personal. What it really is, in the broader sense, is a love poem, a poem that understands it is hard to second-guess anyone else and know what they are thinking, That with any journey of love, we sometimes circle back, and sometimes we get confused where we think we are going..I heard this song by Mark Knopfler, done in a such a way it tore at my heart strings, making me want to re-affirm my own love. When I thought about what track I could put behind it, well there was only one, and so I bought the karaoke version of the same song that inspired my words. I am so glad you liked it, and I don’t know if it is bravery or just foolishness on the part of my heart, but yes it does let itself be revealed naked and center stage in this one.


  2. Hoyt Heron says:

    You have done it….Yet again! Beautiful! Thank goodness for Tube’s brilliant words. For I am struck speechless.


  3. For You Ruco, with my eternal love and gratitude…


  4. Clytemnestra says:

    Karima you have moved and inspired me once again – the poem and music compliment each other beautifully 🙂


  5. Oh Clyte, thank you so much for your comment, and am very happy you like them both together..
    Sometimes, in this case, it is the music that inspires the poem..:)


  6. Karima., I love, love , love this poem, which is not only a poem , but a very personal expression full of beauty and tenderness. My heart is overflowing, and my words aren`t able to describe , even it would be my mothertongue. Tube summarized it brilliantly …how true are the ageless bonds, sighs. We gladly have to admit, that they exist and we need to learn living with them. And in all of this lies a wonderful solace. We couldn`t survive without our rocks……

    Besitos mi amiga de alma


  7. Aww Isa thank you so much for leaving your tender very sensitive words about this poem…which is an expression, a declaration of continuity and love. I feel how deeply you enjoyed this one, and also your agreement in the importance of those long term bonds we are lucky enough to sometimes form in our ever changing lives..especially our virtual ones. Abrazos mi amiga tan bella y sensible…gracias por tu linda amistad:)


  8. Shesa Quandry says:

    It amazes me what inspires you… and the ways that it does. The words themselves are wonderful, but to hear you recite it, with the music, is a thing of beauty. What a wonderful gift! Treasure this one, Hoyt ;o)


  9. Aww thank you Shesa..Yes I just loved that song, and after playing it over about one hundred times I felt I could turn it into an affirmative love poem for my beloved partner:) Inspiration comes from the most unusual sources at times. I think this is my second what I call “country poem” and Hoyt got the first one too:)


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