“Seek Wisdom” a Karima Hoisan & Natascha Randt Film for MachinimUWA V

Ohh..I can’t wait to share this little film with all of you…a 4:30 min black and white machinima that took hours of rendering, discussing, and polishing but was soooo much fun to do, and renews my belief in the wonders of Second Life and the Arts, for bringing unlikely bedfellows into the same creative bed. This is how we made the Costa Rica-Germany Connection… and all because of a University (Western Australia) in a Continent Down-Under, that has sparked so many film makers to action and to letting their artistic and philosophic rivers flow, in one direction from all over the world. I was not even thinking of entering as my computer and software, and just everything, is not good enough to compete at this very high level,which brings the most amazing films and filmmakers out, for now the fifth year. Well we put our energies and focus to where our ideas were and this led to the completion of our project, which has been entered alongside so many other wonderful collaborations and individuals that sprang up for this grand event of 2012:
MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom (5th UWA Short Animated FilmFestival
I hate to sound repetitive, and if I do,  it’s  only because I am once again so excited, but it is amazing how saying “Yes” to an idea and just diving into it, can be so rewarding. No boundaries, no cultural barriers, no prejudices, when creative people come together and start with just that little seed, and then work on it in a tight collaboration, until they see it bear fruit…ahh what total joy! What a harvest for the soul!!
Please stop me… ( can hear Natascha writing “eeehm”:) I will let our film speak for itself, but I do want to publicly here on my blog, thank Natascha Randt for listening to my  idea, my poem/soundtrack, and being brave enough, wild enough, crazy enough and clever enough (smiles) to come up with the perfect visual style to complement it and make it whole. I give you now “Seek Wisdom, born from a wonderful creative friendship..This is our first and I sure hope it won’t be our last...

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26 Responses to “Seek Wisdom” a Karima Hoisan & Natascha Randt Film for MachinimUWA V

  1. WOW! Brilliant on all levels. You took into account your technological limitations and turned that into a plus. Your work proves that intelligence and depth will always win over any technology. Bravo, you have my vote for first place.


    • Aww thank you RAG..well it was Nat’s expertise that made this video look so cool..That is all to her credit..I added a few clips to it and she did the rendering, editing, filming magic..I guess I can take credit for convincing her to collaborate with me..and the soundtrack idea;) but that’s about it:) So glad you loved it:)


  2. Alex Noble says:

    Another masterpiece! Beautiful to look at, but also provocative in content. Hooray to both of you and all best wishes for a big WIN!!!!


  3. Aww thank you Happi.Just the pulling this off, actually doing it, and sitting back and seeing it go “out to the world” for the first time, was a blue ribbon moment…prize enough for the time we put into it:) We both agree on that:)


  4. Nat says:

    Eeehm…. ahahahaha.. too late to stop you Karima 🙂
    I remember that day in may I’ve heard it the very first time, the very first rough version of the song and my first reaction was, “I don’t like it”, (But only the second voice, lol) and I feared a bit about this project, because it’s lot of work and I am naturally lazy:) On the other hand its the biggest machinima contest in sl and with a really good friend beside you, nothing can go wrong:) The absolutely coolest thing is, that we often have the same thing in mind. Only one thing not, let me say 4:30, lool.
    Whatever:) . We did it! And for me thats the life, the second life, the essence of this virtual world. Two people from both ends of the world came together, flew together 🙂 and made a tiny little music video together. That’s simply fantastic, you can’t imagine. That drives me crazy:)

    Thankies for the nice comments:)


  5. You are most welcome Nat…and I already find myself thinking of Big Gorillas sitting on top of skyscrapers…Who knows what that could mean? hehe..maybe a new collaboration in the future?
    Soooo loved doing this one with you..big hugs and eternal thankies :):)


  6. jan says:

    Oh!! been awhile since a machinima… ! And this one was magical… delightfully haunting, a touch bizarre which i love, and with the poetry, Karimas velvet voice, and music were masterful… it rings in the mind… with the ecos “why-y-y-y” and really is a tribute to the awesome creative potential of the human soul. An inspiration to experience on all levels… an art masterpiece woven by two impressive creative geniuses.


    • Well thank you Jan, and I truly am pleased that you liked our little video entry. Blushes on her end of the “impressive creative geniuses.” phrase…but totally agrees that Natascha is just that:) and I was so thrilled to get this chance to work with her..I like you got that phrase stuck in your head…hehe..I was hoping for that or maybe “I need to know……”When she first showed me her idea for the visuals…I just smiled from ear to ear…as I saw it was going to be an interesting film that totally went with the soundtrack:)
      big hugsss K


  7. As I begin to write in this small box a reply to this piece .. I realize that my typing is in sync to what Ive just watched. Almost hard to write freely as I wait for the next beat in my head to tap out the keys. AAAAAHHH you have infiltrated my deep thinking, as well as my nervous system.

    Twitching very happily still…

    Gosh the imagery is amazing… the split screen … the pacing character .. the voice overlays… the scenes flashing to us as if through a torchlight.

    Bravo Karima and Natascha, truly a modern piece worthy of the highest praise.


  8. Tube/Ron says:

    How very creative! This is an amzing piece of originality. Karima’s music and thoughts and Natascha’s imaging. The interplay works together smoothly like a good film. Almost noir. B&W works. I think it is true-we were born to ask why for everything. Catapaults us to watch…to probe…to investigate…to look behind obvious answers. To see who is really behind the curtain at Oz. And to decide for ourselves what is true. Yes, that is the building of knowledge. and ultimately….to wisdom. Maybe. We have to ask enough whys to see the boundaries.The edges. Where swampland turns into fields. Perfect imaging for whys. Always and forever. As we walk thru life-like Kaima here, looking. Scanning. Evaluating why. The behind the behind. Why is this? If I had a dollar bill for every time I asked “why” as a child, I could buy France. Assuming it was for sale. I think we do come into this world with “why” on our lips. And ready to go explore and find out. Maybe we gather some wisdom before we exit. The images, music, movements, sensibility flow that way. Driven to walk, to seek…to explore….to find out why. Very nice work, ladies. And yes, the beat does get under one’s skin! Incredible creativity. Everyone has said it better than I can.


  9. Why? Why Tube?*big smiles* Why do all your comments just seem to hit it on the head? Thank you once again, and I just love when you let your intuition grab the pen and write such deep ideas in such easy to understand words…thank you my dear friend..your comments are always awaited and so appreciated


  10. Maria Vought says:

    When I heard the poem for the first time I got goosebumps, and when I saw the rough cut of the machinima, raw and unfinished as it was I just knew this was a special collaboration between two true masters of their crafts. The finished article is magnificent, profound and magical.Once again I am breathless with admiration Kari. Natascha’s hip hop walk and the echo of your why y-y-y are staying with me so if I find myself bopping along and talking to myself I know whom to blame!

    Congratulations to you both – it will be a travesty if your entry isn’t placed amongst the winners.


  11. Thank you so much sis Maria..I too love Nat’s hip hop walk..to the beat and her whole feel she put to my poem. It was a very smooth and a wonderful experience working together…Thank you so much for your positive words and let’s hope we get up in the top considerations, as maybe a true dark-horse winner (well a black and white one anyway:)


  12. Dale Innis says:

    So great! 🙂 Scrolling back to see what I IM’d you about it…

    oooo that is wonderful
    the words and music and images and your voice go together very well
    and in some wonderfully nonobvious ways 🙂

    You are both very talented!


  13. Aww Thanks Dale…..so glad you enjoyed our film and took the time to leave this very nice comment..Thanks for your support always…


  14. Hoyt Heron says:

    Karima.. Natascha…The two of you work so well together! A very profound piece of work. This should be required listening and viewing. Karima, you express well what so many philosphers throughout the centuries have tried to expound on. Kudos to both of you!


  15. Thank you Hoyt…We had fun doing it too..a win win….even if we don’t take home a prize…


  16. Jay Jay says:

    Karima hope u don’t mind. I repeated your comment on the UWA blog…. its exactly the spirit behind the entire setting up of the UWA presence in virtual worlds


    • Oh far from “minding” I am most honored you chose to quote me Jay Jay:) Thank you again for organizing and being such a force in this great machinima event. The competition is very stiff….a great compliment to how seriously we all see the UWA’s presence in our beloved virtual world Second Life.


  17. Tikaf Viper says:

    This machinima is my absolute favorite, and I’ve seen them all, trust me on that. Good Luck!


    • Wow Tikaf..I just had to pick myself off the ground..Thank you Thank you for your positive feedback..Ironically yours, “Run Ram” is one of mine! and I mean that..Nat knows it too :):)


  18. Nat says:

    There are some news about, but I think Karima will write a big post for them, so stay tuned….


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