“Take Charge”

“We can be the passenger wondering where it all will lead…”

Take Charge

We can be the passenger wondering where it all will lead,
or take the wheel and drive the engine down the laid out tracks.
The tracks we know exist, but where they’ll take us, is what we cannot see,
and all that we might encounter on our way, is at best, a theory or a fantasy.

At times we shudder, for the unknown is like a cold wind that blows us forward,
around a bend there could be danger, and we find it hard to trust the one in charge.
So we sit, the helpless passenger of our daily journey, while the years go flashing by,
and if we don’t wind up where we think we should, we face our palms to heaven asking, “Why?”

The Driver is not alone when he or she is driving, for someone else surely laid those tracks,
and logic tells us, that we can see more plans than randomness, when we look outside our windows.
Even with our wheels riding down the rails, we are free to stop and stay along the way,
we have choices, who we pick up and let ride inside, and learn lessons when they choose not to stay.

Taking charge means taking risks, shouldering the lion’s share of all responsibility,
but if we don’t, we are doomed to wonder, if we had grabbed the wheel, how it might have been?
We could even be a passenger in someone else’s train car, that is not a contradiction, that is Life,
but to drive our own, brings its sweet reward; for even if we get it wrong, we still can make it right.

Karima Hoisan
Sept 15, 2012
Historic Lapara Towne (along the SLRR at Lapara)

* Footnote: First, I want to give a big thank you to my friend f.d. who took this great photo.
I discovered this little imaginative, very entertaining town along the railroad tracks. The landmark says and I quote,
” The ORIGINAL mainland city with the streetcar tram train line.  Stroll the old fashioned streets or take the train down 4 levels to  Lake Lapara’s Protected Clownfish Estaurary and habitat.”
It seems to be the combined creation of two very talented avatars, I have yet to meet, Ponce de Clownfish (israel schnute) and Yume Rizel (yettie.glom) I have been here several times and always find something new, and some unique little things to buy too. If you like exploring on the Mainland, this is a fun and a well done attraction. Here is your locomotive coming down the tracks Link to Historic Lapara Towne

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2 Responses to “Take Charge”

  1. Tube/Ron says:

    Yes….this is a really good metaphor for life. In so many ways it is right on. The tracks will always go somewhere…..To where? Well, we are born to this life…we have adventures (or misadventures as the case may be), and we end up finally at the end somewhere. To where we intended, to where someone else manipulated or redirected us…..? Or where “dumb luck/chance” got us. Hmmmm….In life circumstances constantly change. The world has a habit of doing that! We can go down sidings for awhile. Or go over the edge at a washed-out bridge overcrossing. I think Karima is right….The “tracks” we see thru life were a suggestion, a rough script we started life with. An outline of possible life goals. And a possible way to get there.

    What we do along the way is surely up to us. For better or worse. In truth, we collect experiences that can lead to growth. We will certainly end up somewhere in our Autumn. Being 63, I feel this all the time. Am I where I had planned? Did I take charge at appropriate times? Many side trips were unplanned…but Management always has another idea in mind. Still…..there was much to learn along the way. As Karima points out….it is our responcibility to take control. To be in charge to the extent we can be. Life really is an adventure, to be embraced and guide our engine best we can. Oh yes….nice graphics as well as thoughts. Can almost hear Johnny Cash singing ’bout hearing a train a coming…T


  2. Aww Tube, thank you so much..what a great comment! I always love how you embellish a simple idea and bring a black and white movie into Technicolor..So glad you liked the graphics and you have been down those tracks (the SL ones too and you lost your head (haha) remember? But in real life. I think you are doing much better..Your guidance and your friendship always inspire me to “listen to the muse” even if it seems to be babbling gibberish at times:):) and yes I can hear the lonesome whistle blowing with Johnny’s (or maybe Hank’s)s voice riding the rails.:)


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