Under The Spell of Poetry~ A Halloween Special Reading Oct.31st 1pmslt

Wednesday, Oct.31st 1pmslt (poster by MarriellaAnna)

As fate would have it, a reading I had been planning for almost a month, was re-vamped (no Goth pun intended:) at the last minute and now it will be held on my own sim, in a beautiful structure given to me to use by my sim partner Odracir Wrigglesworth. I don’t think when he rezzed it one day next to The Lighthouse, that either of us thought it would serve as a venue for a Halloween poetry event, but it will be this coming Wednesday, and a very special one indeed. To keep a small bit of the surprise element alive, I will only say that all female avatars should make sure they are wearing their underwear. That said… I will say no more, except to invite you all to come and fill this dark Hall with warmth and share this hour with me, in a very magical location…trust me on that!

Magical venue that looks like it just walked out of the sea on great cement legs…

I have worked hard preparing this reading, and am mixing my own darker verses with those of Poe and Garcia Lorca. It’s always a humbling feeling for me to do that, to read one of mine after one of Edgar Allan Poe’s who was my childhood mentor ( via his collection) and the reason I am a poet today. So I invite you all, my readers, and those who might just stumble upon this page by accident to join me and (hopefully) fall be-witched under the spell of poetry this coming Wednesday, at 1pmslt.
Dressing up in Halloween regalia is very encouraged..Goth, Steampunk, Zombies… it’s all good, but come ready to get into the mood (whispers to the ladies again, “Don’t forget your underwear.”)
Here is your headless carriage- ride to the front bridge of Steampunk Hall
Steampunk Hall LINC Islan
Hope to cast my spell on you….

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