Helium Moon

I know this will come as no surprise to my readers, but just let me say it one more time, that one of the reasons I’m still actively in Second Life (even after moaning that it has changed and the thrill is almost gone, see post: Slip Away) is the chance to meet with so many talented artists, musicians, poets, machinimatographers, scripters, builders, and do small collaborative projects together. This new poem recording is my latest example.
“Helium Moon” was born from listening to WaMark Basevi’s “Gone Girl” that he had sent me in a folder with some other original .mp3 songs he had composed. He thought that maybe I could find one useful for my poetry readings. Instead, I felt the urge to write a totally new poem, more a little spacey moon- mood , than an actual poem to go with his piece For this reason, I will not post the words here, but if someone really has to know what it says, I will include them in a comment below..so feel free, if you do, to just ask me.

Helium Moon…I hold your string

I have been floating o”er my sim for the last few days on helium balloons that my sim partner, Odracir, had left out for all to use (they are wonderful!) So it’s not hard to understand what direction my mind had been drifting towards, and the moon is a very powerful muse.
So to enjoy it, just click on the link that says “Helium Moon.mp3” and listen to it and maybe close your eyes and float along with me. This is a performance poem, more to be listened to and enjoyed than to be read. Thank you again WaMark for letting me use your piece..now Fly with me!
Click this link to listen to “Helium Moon.mp3” 

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10 Responses to Helium Moon

  1. Menubar says:

    Nice. Great soundtrack. Gave me flashbacks to an old “relaxation” game I used to play many years ago.


  2. Thanks Menu..so glad you enjoyed it..and here are the words

    Helium Moon

    Helium Moon (2X)
    I hold your string…
    I am drifting drifting
    out of my body,
    out of the world
    freely… freely.

    Helium Moon (2X)
    Take me…
    to where I’ve never been,
    into your vacuum, into your shine,
    through fluorescent gasses,
    light ‘n flowing,
    moon glow.

    Helium Moon (2X)
    I attach to you.
    Pull me…
    along your full moon night.
    No resistance as I drift…
    no heaviness, no sleepiness
    lighter than air.

    Helium Moon (2X)
    you are my balloon.
    I reach higher…
    I am floating higher.
    “Soak me. Soak me.
    I will touch you,
    and become you soon.

    Karima Hoisan
    Bay Renacer LINC Island SL

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  3. WaMark says:

    Great feel to this, Karima. I really like the droned voice and it’s very nice how you coaxed rhythm out of this non-rhythmic piece. It’s an honor that you include my music here and I hope to collaborate actively, soon! Oh, and thanks to MenuBar for the mention.


    • Thank you Mark, and thank you for sending it to me.To be honest the music coaxed the imagery out of me, and the fact I was floating on a helium balloon at the time..I think helped tie it all into your music.. Here’s to doing some more things together..Would love that


  4. You are always ‘out of the box’ Sissy and this piece is no exception to that rule. A wonderful collaboration of prose harmonized with enchanting music. Loved it! Looking forward to hearing more 🙂


  5. Aww sis, glad you let that helium moon soak you in madness and float you away:) Sometimes we just have to push out of that box..It doesn’t always work, but glad you think this moon ride did..
    Hugs you sis..thank you for your support!!


  6. Nat says:

    I dont know why, but this reminds me of “The Night of the Hunter” an old thriller with Robert Mitchum. Its not the music and not the words. I think it is just the performance. Listening and seeing Mitchum with his love and hate tattoos, was one thing. Strange 🙂


    • I just adore how things I write and perform can send you to the warehouse of imagery from your past. That is very inspiring to me..even if I don’t know what they represent or have, in this case, ever seen the movie.but glad I touch something buried and hard to put your finger on…nice..


  7. Hoyt Heron says:

    So 60’s! Right when I think I have you pegged for a certain genre, you pull something else out of your proverbial hat. You and Mark take us back to another time here, and we don’t even have to break out the hash pipe. My Soul has been psychodelisized!!


  8. Haha I guess being a flowerchild’s child has somehow stayed in the genes.. I had no idea this was 60’s style..but glad it gave you a free high 😉 I enjoyed doing this with Mark, and hope he comes up with some more pieces that I can lay my poetry over..Collaborate!! is this week’s motto


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